Royal-corruption probes are like buses. You wait 45 years for one, and then three come along at once. It’s not clear whether former king Juan Carlos I of Spain has ever actually used public transport—he prefers private jets (especially those bankrolled by hapless relatives) and off-roaders fitted with elephant guns. But it’s almost certain that, right now, cooped away in his Abu Dhabi foxhole, the exiled monarch is cursing the name Dolores Delgado.

Spanish attorney general Dolores Delgado has launched a probe focusing on the tax-haven island of Jersey.

Delgado is the fearsome Spanish attorney general who recently declared a third investigation into the disgraced king’s supposed financial philandering. (Juan Carlos, you’ll remember, has Prince Andrew’s eye for a dodgy pal and an apparent “illness” for money.) Working with Alejandro Luzón, the senior anti-corruption prosecutor in the country, Delgado announced the latest probe after new “financial information” arose, but didn’t furnish details. She doesn’t really need to. If Juan Carlos’s past indiscretions are anything to go by, you can chuck the terms “offshore account,” “eccentric foreign potentate,” “hefty backhander,” and “blonde mistress” into a hat and you’ll probably get close to the truth.