We all know driving as an antidote for lockdown malaise, and mobility and speed as tonics for the hemmed-in and frustrated. But motoring is equally satisfying when you’re feeling triumphant, like after last Saturday’s good news. Few things symbolize newfound freedom quite like a fine car driven at a dubiously legal clip.

Lately, the Iso Grifo has done the trick for me. It’s an Italian grand tourer that, in an effort to compete with Ferrari’s and Maserati’s offerings, was built with American power trains and components. As things begin to turn around in the United States, it’s essential to remember not only the power of American muscle but the importance of unity and celebrating the good in this country. So go hop in your car—wherever it’s from—put on this playlist, and celebrate heading in the right direction.

Stuart Parr is a luxury-brand builder and designer and splits his time between Shelter Island, Istanbul, and Venice