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George Pendle

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Air Mail Environments: New York

Our latest creation will immerse you in New York’s glorious sounds, from the hallowed atrium of the Metropolitan Opera to the clank and churn of the Staten Island Ferry

The View from Here

The European Parliament, long a sinecure for nameless bureaucrats, has become a finishing school for Fascists

Boomers vs. Gen Z–ers

Did the baby-boomers have more style? Are Gen Z–ers less reprehensible? Find out in our battle of the generations!

Norman’s Cafe


The Attention-Whore Index

Taylor Swift finally makes the short list, but can she compete with that other statuesque blond, Donald Trump?

The Grift, the Prince, and the Twist

It seemed like Liza-Johanna Holgersson had crafted an elaborate and fake persona to win the hearts (and hopefully the wallets) of a number of well-off men. But she wasn’t the only one pretending to be something they weren’t. A shocking twist lies within this shifting tale of identity that turned both the writer’s life, and that of her editor, upside down

Rosé-Colored Glasses

At the Rochambeau Club, it’s always five o’clock, and Labor Day has been postponed indefinitely

The Singing Detective

The Attention-Whore Index

An unstable tech billionaire, a disgraced Republican politician, and a needy hereditary monarch walk into a bar: Who gets the most attention? You decide!

Owning the Lits

Fringe scholars have long argued that Shakespeare wasn’t really Shakespeare. So why has it suddenly become an article of faith among young conservatives?

Terroir Incognita

How a plucky couple from Chicago put England on the wine-making map

Leading the Way by Standing Still

Fashion has finally caught up with Old Town clothing, a singular apparel company on the Norfolk coast

The Case of the Light-Fingered Litterateur

When a framed photograph went missing during a Paris Review party, the avant-garde revelers became suspects in an old-fashioned potboiler

They’re with Her

Across Europe, a new generation of far-right female politicians is breaking glass ceilings (among other things)

The Crack-up

How Cacklebean eggs became a mainstay on Britain’s best menus

The View from Here

Dandyish Cecil Beaton was an unlikely choice for royal photographer. But his portraits of Elizabeth gave a nation in crisis the monarch it needed

Songs in the Key of Life


Since 2006, the site Neglected Books has championed wrongly overlooked novels. Now it’s republishing them

Genuine Fakes


The world-renowned neurologist A. J. Lees is on a mission to humanize doctors

War of the Rosewood

How a Chinese status symbol became an environmental emergency

Me, Me, Mílos

What’s luring the world’s influencers to a rugged Mediterranean mining island?

The View from Here

When C.R.T. met S&M

Swamp Country

Jason Williams was elected district attorney of New Orleans to reform America’s murder capital. Then came the suspiciously timed audit …