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Amy Fine Collins

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The 20th Century’s Enfant Terrible

From bare-bottomed sailors to opium-smoking lovers, a new Jean Cocteau exhibition in Venice—the French artist’s first major retrospective in Italy—brings together some of his most risqué works

Immortal Beauties

What does it really take to become a fashion icon? The society queens of Feud: Capote vs. the Swans provide a few clues

Driving in Style

Motoring caps and driving goggles may be a thing of the past, but looking good on the road still has its charms. Here’s how to do it

Swimming with Sharks

A tragicomedy about the making of Jaws, starring Robert Shaw’s son Ian, premieres on Broadway

A Man in Full

As a stylist, artist, photographer, and filmmaker, Michael Roberts defied convention at every turn

Forever in Fashion

A new volume pairs quotations by history’s best fashion designers, as told to the journalist Marylou Luther, with illustrations by Ruben Toledo

The Things He Left Behind

The collection of the six-foot-six-inch fashion scholar, journalist, and man-about-town, André Leon Talley, goes up for auction at Christie’s next week

A Collector’s Collector

The Bold and the Beautiful

The latest International Best-Dressed List celebrates those who elevate style into an art form

W Is for “Women”

A new book of essays and photos traces the fashion, life, and inspirations of Yves Saint Laurent from A to Z. Amy Fine Collins zeroes in on his muses

My Favorite Things

After spending more than 20 years as a special correspondent for Vanity Fair, Amy Fine Collins is now synonymous with high fashion. Herewith, the AIR MAIL Editor at Large shares her top shopping picks of the moment

My Shoe Heaven

Manolo Blahnik charts his next chapter on Madison Avenue

2020 Vision

In honor of its 80th anniversary, the International Best-Dressed List celebrates 20 timeless arbiters of style

Forever in Fashion

On the occasion of a new documentary on his life and work, Pierre Cardin reflected on politics, #MeToo, and social media

Dolce Far Forquet

Italian designer Federico Forquet, dresser of the Queen of Spain and Marella Agnelli, pursued art and pleasure in equal measure

Liquid Assets

Liquid Assets

Style and Substance

By Design

Find out how the International Best-Dressed List separates the truly fashionable from the also-dressed