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Issue No. 7

It Was an All Too Typical Week for …

… the Chosen One, who, having announced that he would raise tariffs on Chinese goods and referred to President Xi Jinping as the “enemy,” in short order declared that Xi was in fact “a great leader” and that, anyway, he was having “second thoughts” about those tariffs. Or was he? White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said the president’s remarks had been “greatly misinterpreted.” This seems plausible: “second thoughts” implies there were first thoughts to begin with, and there’s never been much evidence of that.

But the misunderstanding did get the G7 meetings off to a rollicking start, and over several days in Biarritz…

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Issue No. 7

The View from Here

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Seoul-Crushing The former star of K-pop’s biggest band is under investigation for running a prostitution ring, among other indecorous charges

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If Greenland’s Not for Sale, How About Britain? In which Boris Johnson threatens to take back the dead cat that is the U.K. economy

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Bauhaus Revival

Founded in 1919 by the pioneering architect Walter Gropius, the Bauhaus—a brief and brilliant bloom in the cultural hothouse of Germany’s Weimar Republic—is typically remembered as the birthplace of modern style. Yet more than a style, the Bauhaus represents a cultural coming-of-age. READ ON

A Bauhaus exhibition poster by Joost Schmidt. In Berlin, a weeklong celebration starting August 31 honors the Bauhaus at 100.

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Next in Line In Season Two of HBO’s Succession, Sarah Snook proves she’s worthy of the Roy throne

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In the Picture

She prefers not to give us her full face, favoring a three-quarter view. The jawline is long and elegant, the chin often up, her eyes large, round, and wary. She likes to keep a shoulder between herself and her audience. Helene Schjerfbeck, who lived from 1862 to 1946, was a national treasure in her native Finland, and a visionary artist. She produced more than 1,000 paintings in her lifetime—portraits, landscapes, still lifes—but it’s the self-portraits that tell her story most eloquently. READ ON

Girl from Eydtkuhne II, 1927. “Helene Schjerfbeck” is on view at the Royal Academy of Arts, in London, through October 27.

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“Was It Good for Me?” An impassioned plea to prioritize sexual well-being

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Small Talk
“I keep thinking it’s Sunday.”

Candice Bergen, Star Reporter A “very lucky” actor and the photojournalism career that got away

The Literary Industrial Complex Italy has more book festivals than it has books

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War Games

Shamble into London’s National Army Museum for the exhibition “The Art of Persuasion: Wartime Posters by Abram Games” and you’ll stride out taller—chin raised, posture erect, snapping off crisp salutes at passersby. September 1 marks the 80th anniversary of Germany’s invasion of Poland, which plunged Europe into a second world war. This arcade of wartime and postwar propaganda commemorates the power of one man’s spartan imagination to rouse Britain to face the momentous challenge. READ ON

A poster for the Auxiliary Territorial Service, the women’s branch of the British Army during W.W. II. “The Art of Persuasion” is on view through November 24.

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Museum-Going Etiquette Spoiler alert: you’re not the most fascinating thing in the place

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Small Talk
“My people have 17 words for traffic.”

Green New Girls Meet the stylish socialites who are making environmentalism chic

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By Design Find out how the International Best-Dressed List separates the truly fashionable from the also-dressed

Alexander McCall Smith selects his favorite Scottish bookshop

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A Better Billionaire On writing The Many Lives of Michael Bloomberg

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Malcolm Mackay On the crime fiction that never gets old

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The Only Plane in the Sky: An Oral History of 9/11

by Garrett M. Graff
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The Secrets We Kept

by Lara Prescott
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Bob Honey Sings Jimmy Crack Corn

by Sean Penn
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Three New Mysteries

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The Only Thing Prospering in Kazungula is the AIDS Pandemic

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A Thing Shared One of the most revered food writers shares a memory of a summer road trip and the perfect peach pie

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Rowland Emett’s A Quiet Afternoon in the Cloud Cuckoo Valley Heads to Auction at Bonhams London

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Small Talk
“A large skim latte, double shot, no ‘Have an awesome day.’”

Wish You Were Here Viola Arrivabene packs for the Venice Film Festival

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Hand-painting at the Herreras’.
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Issue No. 7
August 31, 2019
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Issue No. 7
August 31, 2019