Before the term “influencer” had such tawdry connotations, Chloë Sevigny was among its shining examples. As an actress, designer, and, now, perfumer—Sevigny’s first fragrance, Little Flower, a collaboration with Regime des Fleurs, debuted earlier this month—she exhibits a style and sensibility that have made her an eternal contender for the coolest girl in New York, if such an award ever existed. Naturally, she has some strong opinions on the key components to the good life …

AIRPORT: Innsbruck Airport, in Austria
ALIBI: Making love
APP: Co-Star
BAG: Hermès Farming bag
BEDTIME: 11 p.m.
BIKE: Schwinn
BIRTHDAY: December 25
BREAKFAST, WEEKDAY: A boiled egg, berries, coffee with cream

CARRYALL: L. L. Bean Boat and Tote
CHILD: Shirley Temple
COCKTAIL: Vodka or tequila with ice and lemon or lime
DATE: A moonlit garden stroll
DINNER, WEEKDAY: Grilled salmon with cruciferous vegetables
DINNER, WEEKEND: Cacio e pepe
DISGUISE: A baseball cap
DRESS: Black Alaïa, white Simone Rocha
DRIVE: The Henry Hudson Parkway
ENEMY: Hatred
ESCAPE: Bora Bora
EXCUSE: “I forgot.”
FAMILY: Parents
FIRST LADY: Marianne Williamson is single …