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Summer Skin Care

Not all skin-care zealots spend their summers hiding beneath a sun hat qua habit. Some are also sun enthusiasts, who enjoy these warm days through an expert combination of S.P.F.—duh—and a powerful vitamin-C serum. Adored the world over by beauty editors, SkinCeuticals C E Feurlic serum brightens dark spots, plumps sagging skin, and protects you from further sun and environmental damage. It’s pricey, but it actually works. The serum’s one downside: it has a smell of hot-dog water, which, thank God, eventually fades. But its popularity in spite of its odor proves just how powerful this elixir is. ($166,

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It’s almost September, school is starting, temperatures are falling, and it’s time to buy new pants, sweaters, et cetera. We hear you, marketers, we hear you—especially on the denim front, because we do like to greet the brisker weather with fresh jeans. Our infatuation with Levi’s (unfortunately named) Wedgie Fit began a few summers ago, when we spotted the white version on the best-dressed server at the Crow’s Nest in Montauk. Now, we’ve amassed quite the collection, because despite entirely too much research, we have yet to find a better alternative for an all-purpose pair. (When jeans get a little too fashion, we get a little too worried.) And the straight-leg, high-waisted fit is reminiscent of the Levi’s of yesteryear, but without the CSI-level stains, holes, and shreds that you get when you buy vintage Levi’s in 2019. ($98,


The Biarritz Blouse

If you frequented the Nolita neighborhood of Manhattan anytime in the mid- to late aughts, you likely developed a thing for the Mayle boutique on Elizabeth Street, and the elegant Brit (by way of Provence—her father was author Peter Mayle) behind it. Jane Mayle, the designer in question, had a way with prints, and a charming approach to putting them together, and she’s now back in business after a too-long hiatus. Her shop, with the refreshed name of Maison Mayle, has migrated a few blocks north to Great Jones Street, and the fashion it contains is as covetable as ever. Especially her blouses, which have just the right amount of personality. For the shoulder seasons, consider the Biarritz, a breezy little wonder with, according to Mayle, “a glamorous sailor-on-leave vibe.” The jaunty tie is fully detachable, so if you’d rather leave your panache at home, by all means. ($415,

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An Updated Barbour

It’s a point of pride for several of us at Air Mail HQ that we’ve been wearing the same Barbour jacket since the Clinton administration. (Perhaps even earlier, in certain cases.) Leave it to model and fashion designer Alexa Chung to show us how to update a classic. As part of a two-year collaboration with the 125-year-old brand, Chung has reimagined Barbour’s waxed-cotton utility jacket, endowing her “Edith” version with a slightly oversize silhouette, cropped sleeves, and even a gingham lining. (Fortunately, she didn’t dare tamper with the olive-drab color or snap-flap pockets.) Now, don’t panic. There’s no need to part with your tried-and-true favorite—but a little variety never hurts. ($700,

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The Rugby

Think of the rugby as the artist’s sweatshirt. Certainly David Hockney did. The British painter is almost synonymous with the rugby these days, especially the green-and-blue-stripe style that he favored and that has been given an homage here by Rowing Blazers. The shirt’s thick jersey material means it will pretty much last forever, and also keep you warm, whether you are toiling in your drafty garret or hanging out on a streetside café on an Indian-summer afternoon, drinking a pint or two. What we especially like is the punch of properly rebellious color a rugby gives you. Plus, it’s great for layering⁠—under a sport coat or over a T-shirt. ($195,

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August 31, 2019
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Issue No. 7
August 31, 2019