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Rosie Kinchen

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They’re Thingin’ Our Thong! The true story of Chippendales, the legendary strip club for women, will make your eyes, um, bulge

When Your Mother Is a Conspiracy Theorist Gen Z–ers struggle with how to save parents radicalized by social-media-fueled lies

When Your Life Is a True-Crime Scandal Six years after she was freed from an Italian prison and found innocent of a sensational murder, Amanda Knox looks back

The Nanny Diaries Kiley Reid worked as a babysitter in New York before fictionalizing her experience for the page. The resulting novel explores racism and liberal hypocrisy

January 20, 2021

Off the Rails The famed Ian Allan Book & Model Shop in London, a favorite of railway enthusiasts, is the U.K.’s latest coronavirus casualty

October 28, 2020

Tracking the Golden State Killer How one man’s obsession fueled a best-seller and a hit documentary

The Passenger Why Jeffrey Epstein cultivated a friendship with Bill Clinton is obvious. What the ex-president got out of it is harder to explain