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Rosie Kinchen

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The Revolving Staircase

The true story behind the HBO Max drama The Staircase takes yet another disturbing step

Literary Exile

Kate Clanchy’s memoir about teaching children was beloved by critics and readers. Then a Twitter storm called for it—and its author—to be canceled

They’re Thingin’ Our Thong!

The true story of Chippendales, the legendary strip club for women, will make your eyes, um, bulge

When Your Mother Is a Conspiracy Theorist

Gen Z–ers struggle with how to save parents radicalized by social-media-fueled lies

When Your Life Is a True-Crime Scandal

Six years after she was freed from an Italian prison and found innocent of a sensational murder, Amanda Knox looks back

The Nanny Diaries

Kiley Reid worked as a babysitter in New York before fictionalizing her experience for the page. The resulting novel explores racism and liberal hypocrisy

Off the Rails

The famed Ian Allan Book & Model Shop in London, a favorite of railway enthusiasts, is the U.K.’s latest coronavirus casualty

Tracking the Golden State Killer

How one man’s obsession fueled a best-seller and a hit documentary

The Passenger

Why Jeffrey Epstein cultivated a friendship with Bill Clinton is obvious. What the ex-president got out of it is harder to explain