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Cazzie David

Cazzie David is a columnist for AIR MAIL and the author of the essay collection No One Asked for This. David, who co-created and starred in the Web series Eighty-Sixed, lives in Los Angeles.

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The View from Here Generation Z grew up galvanized by climate change and ambitious about making a difference. Today, they’re buying fast fashion to the tune of $100 billion. What happened?

Baby Face As the beauty industry strives for a younger and younger look, the only place left to go is … skin as soft and supple as a baby’s (literally)

Manifest Destiny? No Thank You Leave it to the C.I.A. to affirm our power to manifest the future—and ruin the game for ill-wishers everywhere

The View from Here Thanks to leaked Facebook documents, the world now knows what every anxious teenage girl could have told us about Instagram all along

Not So Normal People The characters in Sally Rooney’s latest novel are worlds apart from the Deuxmoi-obsessed millennials to whom it’s catered. We’ll all read it anyway

Earth to Mom Cazzie David interviews her mother, the environmentalist Laurie David, on what we can do in our day-to-day lives to protect the planet

No Rest for the Famous Nine things celebrities could sell us without killing the planet

Faking It Notes on TikTok’s misplaced morals and unattainable beauty standards

Ex Dysmorphia All bets are off when your ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend

Daddy Day Care If you have no concern for your personal safety and like the idea of your house looking like a shrink’s office, the author has the perfect roommate for you

Egomania Quarantine has changed a lot about the world, but when it comes to posting photos on Instagram, it’s still a narcissist’s game

Sex and the Single Meme How did getting rejected become the key to social acceptance?

We’re All Germophobes Now And it’s time to end the handshake madness

Going Cold Turkey Can a millennial survive a week without a smartphone?

Instagrinch All she wants for Christmas is for you to stop sharing. Now

Me and My Shadow Lost without the Instagram Following tab

Hot Girl High School The mystery of teenage confidence in Euphoria

The PG-Spot The author knows ethical porn when she sees it