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Issue No. 13

The View from Here

Well, you can scratch “mandate of Heaven” from the Chosen One’s résumé. Thanks to his latest deft diplomatic maneuvering, President Trump has forfeited that accreditation…

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A $450 Million Snub

I first saw the Salvator Mundi on April 27, 2005. A longtime friend, an art historian and dealer in Italian Old Master paintings, brought it to the apartment I shared with my husband, Mario Modestini. He had just received it from a New Orleans auction house and was hoping that I would agree to restore it. As is now well known, the Salvator Mundi was later recognized as a lost work by Leonardo da Vinci, and in 2017 it became the most expensive painting ever sold, bringing in $450.3 million at auction at Christie’s. READ ON

Dianne Modestini at work restoring the Leonardo you won’t see at the Louvre: in its place, a variation of the Salvator Mundi from Leonardo’s studio will be included in the exhibition, opening on October 24.

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Mikhail Khodorkovsky in London. The former oil tycoon fell afoul of the Kremlin and went to prison.

The Oligarch Who Spent 10 Years in Putin’s Gulag

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Me and My Shadow Lost without the Instagram Following tab

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Small Talk
“The moment we met, I knew he was the man I’d settle for.”

Boris Johnson’s Ishtar The British prime minister’s hitherto undiscovered and very un-woke movie treatment

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Once More unto the Breach In Henry V, Timothée Chalamet tries to fill the sabbatons of Olivier and Branagh

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Small Talk
“Oh, he’s just lucky, and a robot.”

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Downton Abbey: The Five-Minute Version Condensed, with perhaps one or two liberties taken. Still, the reading time is 118 minutes less than the film’s running time

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Bronze Age. Iron Age.
Now, the Plastic Age

Congratulations: your garbage has entered Earth’s fossil record
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Bong Joon-ho

Parasite, the South Korean director’s new film about class warfare, triumphed at Cannes and is generating Oscar heat
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Postcard from the Alps With fall comes winter planning: a new cookbook features photographs of Europe’s snowy peaks, and food to match

Button Up! From leather peplums to houndstooth blazers, the absolute smartest jackets of the season

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Soho on Camera


“The air used to be clean and the sex used to be dirty,” said the late British artist Sebastian Horsley. “Now it is the other way around. Soho has lost its heart.” The exhibition “Shot in Soho,” opening at the Photographers’ Gallery, in London, on October 18, couldn’t agree more. It celebrates the district’s rich past as a hub of tolerance and defiance.

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Deborah Berke On the books that unite literature and architecture

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The Contender

by William J. Mann
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Deep State

by James B. Stewart
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A Savage Dreamland

by David Eimer
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Murder, They Wrote

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Small Talk
“I know I’m being nostalgic … it’s just not the skyline of my youth.”

The Last Queen of France Marie Antoinette’s biographer on her secret plot to stop the Revolution, and what history got wrong about the monarch

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Zwirner Takes Paris

On October 16, David Zwirner will open a Paris gallery, his sixth. (He just cut the ribbon on a Hong Kong space last year, and already operates three in New York and one in London.) Brexit is no doubt central to Zwirner’s Paris play, although at first he downplayed the political reasons behind opening the space, located in the Marais, at 108 Rue Vieille du Temple, where the French gallerist Yvon Lambert once set up shop. READ ON

German contemporary-art dealer David Zwirner. His Paris gallery opens next week in the city’s Marais district, with “Raymond Pettibon: Frenchette.”

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View With a Room

Monkey Business An idyllic new retreat with an intriguing history that’s only a short drive from London

A Room of Their Own A 1920s note from Vita to Virginia is an exercise in reassuring a lover

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Small Talk
“It’s just one monkey at one typewriter, but we’ve given him an infinite need for validation.”

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Issue No. 13
October 12, 2019
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Issue No. 13
October 12, 2019

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