Deep State: Trump, the FBI, and the Rule of Law by James B. Stewart

If given a choice, many of us would rather visit the dentist than spend hours revisiting the ins and outs of the F.B.I.’s recent investigations into President Trump and Hillary Clinton. Yet in the hands of award-winning journalist James B. Stewart, a review of these investigations becomes exciting and informative, even when it covers what we already know. In Deep State, Stewart raises, and then systematically demolishes, claims by President Trump that a secret, powerful group of federal employees is working to unjustly bring down his presidency. Deep State is a compelling read, particularly today as President Trump has responded to the Ukraine impeachment inquiry in part with new allegations of Deep State resistance.

Although Stewart dissects the Deep State allegations made by President Trump, his focus is primarily on the F.B.I. Stewart minutely details the actions taken by the F.B.I. long before Trump’s election, including the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails and the now-infamous romance between F.B.I. employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page as played out in text messages that mixed ardor with anti-Trump sentiments.