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Kevin Maher

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Death on the Aisle

Given the allegations of rape and sexual assault against lead actor Armie Hammer, is Death on the Nile past its “best before” date?

The Full Jeff Dazzle

He’s 69 and has two kids under the age of 7, but Jeff Goldblum is busier than ever, thanks to a new Disney+ show

In Hollywood, He’s in the Driver’s Seat

The stunt genius of the Fast & Furious franchise reveals secrets to creating unforgettable car chases

Ralph Fiennes Unearths His Heart

In The Dig, a movie for these days, the actor creates the anti-Voldemort, a man of kindness and compassion

Infidelity and Murder at a Private New York School

The director of The Night Manager focuses on Manhattan’s addled elite in HBO’s The Undoing

From Russia with Something Other than Love

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, once his nation’s richest man, spent a decade in a Siberian prison. Still, he has a great laugh