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Issue No. 92

The View from Here The historic Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc might be turning 150 this year, but it doesn’t look a day over 30

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In the Red?

Will Donald Trump’s longtime moneyman flip on the ex-prez? An ugly divorce gives prosecutors power
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No Rest for the Famous Nine things celebrities could sell us without killing the planet

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“What’s a Ponzi Scheme?” The surprises don’t end with Bernie Madoff, the mastermind behind a $65 billion Ponzi scheme

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Small Talk
“I’ve learned to live with the ever present specter of death, but mostly because it’s started chipping in for rent.”

What Women Want Women make the first move on today’s trendiest dating app. Is Bumble too woke for its own good?

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Air Supply


One of a Kind Making the final adjustments the year he turned 98, Prince Philip oversaw every detail of his bespoke Land Rover hearse

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Will a Divorce Put Trump in Prison? Plus: a look at Bumble, the billion-dollar dating app; Bethany McLean on the Sackler family; and more

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Scott Rudin’s Employee Handbook Welcome to the team! Here are a few things to know …

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The Lost Boys of Crypto Wealth is a vague afterthought for the guys in flip-flops making millions trading in crypto-currency. Their end goal? Upending the system

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A Jewel Heist in Paris And other curious news about these strange days …

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Marisa Abela The Industry star on changing the way we talk about women, sex, and careers

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Small Talk

Top Hat and Tales At Royal Ascot and other affairs, many men are wearing pretenders for the real thing

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Air Mail Jr.
Small Talk
“Now be a snake. No, wait—a talking snake!”

Empire of Pain: The Secret History of the Sackler Dynasty

by Patrick Radden Keefe
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The Free World: Art and Thought in the Cold War

by Louis Menand
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Murder, They Wrote

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Small Talk
“The next song tells of the pain of romance. The disappointments, the disagreements, the bickering. This is too difficult for me. I’m not going to sing it.”
Open Book

Heartbreak Hotel Photographs from a new book pay homage to the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, the dazzling seafront retreat that has played host to Ernest Hemingway, Jane Birkin, and Mick Jagger, on its 150th anniversary

Nancy Reagan’s Cross to Bear The First Lady dedicated herself to achieving a picture-perfect life. A look at her traumatic—and covered-up—childhood helps explain why

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Somerset Revisited Evelyn Waugh’s beloved home hits the market

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She Netted a Fortune with a Tiny Cod Trawler Doreen Lofthouse built the humble Fisherman’s Friend lozenge into a multi-million-dollar empire

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The ladies’ doubles at the Canine Club was a bitch because the players just wanted to chase balls.
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Issue No. 92
April 17, 2021
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Issue No. 92
April 17, 2021