It was just before Jennifer and Barry Weisselberg took their vows, in 2004, that Donald and Melania Trump gave them a one-bedroom apartment in Trump Parc East, at 100 Central Park South, across the street from Wollman Rink. It was their wedding present. Or so Jennifer thought at the time; she says she even sent the Trumps a thank-you note for what she perceived to be their incredibly generous gift.

It was only later, on August 7, 2018, in a deposition that was part of her divorce, that Jennifer learned otherwise. That was when Barry testified that the apartment, for which the couple only paid approximately $400 per month in utilities during the eight years they lived there, was owned by the Trump Organization. When asked by Jennifer’s lawyer what the rent for the apartment would have been had it “been rented to a third party,” Barry replied, “I have no idea.” And when asked if the value of that apartment was reported on his tax returns, he answered, “I don’t recall.”