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Sarah Ditum

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21st-Century Missionary Style

How Christian social-media influencers, from Hailey Bieber to Ballerina Farm, made their faith—and the trad-wife trappings that come with it—palatable to the mainstream

Beyond the Friends Zone

In the 90s, Jennifer Aniston achieved the unimaginable: becoming TV’s top star and ensuring equal pay with her male colleagues. Then she became the poster child for childless women

Unlocking Desire

Intimacy expert Esther Perel’s radical ideas about love, infidelity, and marriage have made her America’s favorite psychotherapist

What Women Want

How Harry Styles avoided the playboy label—despite having lots (and lots) of girlfriends—and became an exemplar for “positive masculinity”

The Felicity Factor

With an army of star authors under her wing, Felicity Blunt, a London literary agent and the wife of the actor Stanley Tucci, is having her moment

What Women Want

Women make the first move on today’s trendiest dating app. Is Bumble too woke for its own good?


Life in the Portal