The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister: A Memoir (Part 1) by Samantha Markle

Over the five years since Meghan Markle ascended from barely recognizable actress to Duchess of Sussex, you might have formed certain opinions about the Markle family — in particular, Meghan’s father, Thomas, and half-sibling, Samantha. You may, for example, think of them as the kind of trashy people who would sell staged paparazzi photos of themselves, pass private correspondence to newspapers and call Meghan “Princess Pushy” to journalists.

Such a reading, Samantha Markle says in this bizarre memoir, would be a wholly defamatory interpretation of perfectly innocent actions. Actions such as selling staged paparazzi photos of themselves, passing private correspondence to newspapers and calling Meghan “Princess Pushy” to journalists. The paparazzo who caught Thomas Markle not-so-candidly in an Internet café promised that no one would know that they had an arrangement, Samantha fumes, and the journalist who got the “Princess Pushy” quote tricked her by asking if Meghan was pushy. Perhaps he came back and tricked her into this book title too.

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