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Alexandra Bregman

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Where Art and Terror Collide

Meet the alleged money-laundering, sanctions-evading Lebanese collector with a penchant for expensive art, blood diamonds, and, possibly, Hezbollah

To Catch a Klimt

Two long-hidden, hugely expensive, and very rare paintings by Gustav Klimt have suddenly popped up in Asia. Who’s the elusive art adviser behind them?

#MeToo, Russian-Style

Meet the Russian women’s-rights activist exposing predatory oligarchs—all while staying loyal to Vladimir Putin and the late Jeffrey Epstein

Fifty Shades of Washington

Inside the underground kink scene dominating the U.S. capital, where politicians tie up locals in the name of B.D.S.M.

The Lost Boys of Crypto

Wealth is a vague afterthought for the guys in flip-flops making millions trading in crypto-currency. Their end goal? Upending the system

Into the Ether

Christie’s marks the sale of its first purely digital artwork with a revolutionary break from the old-school-art way: accepting crypto-currency as payment

The Emperor’s New Paintings

A would-be Robinhood for art investment is flogging shares in masterpieces by Warhol and Kusama for as little as $20. One catch? Investors will never see the art