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Browns in Mayfair

Yet another reason to get to London as soon as humanly possible—fashion emporium Browns has opened a new store in a 300-year-old building at the corner of Brook Street and Avery Row. The top-notch edit of merchandise is rivaled by the store’s design, which was masterminded by Dimorestudio, the Milanese architecture-and-design firm of the moment. Floral carpeting and original floorboards pair with high-tech touches and modern elements that gesture toward the historical and the contemporary, and ensure that the entire retail experience is a feast for the eyes—and the ’Gram. ( —Ashley Baker


Home Movies with Alison Roman

You know a cooking show is good when you’re vegan but still find yourself watching the episode on braised short ribs. Chef and food writer Alison Roman brings her signature red lipstick and sense of humor to this new YouTube series, filming the making of a recipe from her Substack newsletter or one of her two cookbooks, Dining In and Nothing Fancy, every Tuesday from her home kitchen. There are appetizers (including a no-blend potato-leek soup), mains (eggplant parm for two), desserts (sticky cinnamon rolls), meat dishes (those short ribs), and vegetarian ones (brothy beans). One thing they are not is particularly healthy, but who needs a recipe for a salad anyway? ( —Julia Vitale


A-Frame-Table Scratch Pad

I think my cat looks like Greta Garbo in a tuxedo, so you can imagine how hard it is to find pet toys that match her elegance (though her catnip-stuffed pink cigar gives her a distinctly Marlene Dietrich vibe), let alone make for nice décor. Clearly I’m insane, but I went searching for something more suitable for us both, and I came across this midcentury-modern-inspired end table that has a scratch pad, nicely disguised as a fabric cover, on its front. I use it in my entryway as a place for keys and mail, and she claws at it when a violent mood strikes. Any cat owner looking to protect the couch and get rid of the cardboard scratchers littering the floor will find the investment well worth it. ($100, —Clementine Ford


Brooklyn Candle Studio

Scented candles can be a little much, especially the less expensive options, which seem to guarantee a headache. That said, I’m wary of breaking the bank for a pricier alternative. The solution may be found at Brooklyn Candle Studio, which has a minimalist line featuring natural aromas that won’t overwhelm your senses or your wallet, while at the same time emitting relaxing and subtle scents. (The candles aren’t bad-looking, either.) Vegan, cruelty-free, and handmade, all of the options I’ve tried thus far have been great, but my current favorite is the Fern + Moss variety. ($28, —Clementine Ford

Issue No. 92
April 17, 2021
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Issue No. 92
April 17, 2021