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Patrick Kidd

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Baroness Bra Comes Undone

Before Michelle Mone sat in the House of Lords, she made a fortune in lingerie. Now that she’s accused of selling defective P.P.E. to the government, gravity is working against her

Boris on Trial

The former British prime minister is desperately trying to convince his fellow M.P.’s he didn’t lie to them. How will the master of mendacity wriggle out of this one?

Who Will Follow BoJo the Clown?

The fight to become the U.K.’s next P.M.—and the Queen’s 15th—is down to two very different candidates

Moscow on the Thames

How was a member of the House of Lords allowed to moonlight as the multi-millionaire head of oligarch Oleg Deripaska’s energy company?

The View from Here

Boris Johnson’s poisonous former aide, Dominic Cummings, trashes the prime minister’s handling of the pandemic

Texting with an Ex

Does the British government need a deep clean? David Cameron’s problems swell, and Boris Johnson gets blasted as “foolish” and “unethical”

Somerset Revisited

Evelyn Waugh’s beloved home hits the market

The Cool Cat and the Prime Minister

For a decade, the “Chief Mouser” has made 10 Downing Street his domain

Bullfighters Enter Ring with Stepmother

Brothers demand return of their father’s legacy

No Secret Handshake Required

The Freemasons go public (and put a price tag on it)

A Pen for All Seasons

A collection of letters belonging to the late Philip Poole, owner of a storied London pen-nib store, is an ode to the art of craftsmanship