The only way we humans have successfully coped with being as miserable as we are is by wallowing in it together—hence the age-old saying “Misery loves company.” But what brings us together in the Digital Age, which in many ways is so inherently alienating? Memes. The way we now commiserate is via a few cynical, vaguely universal-sounding words on the human condition.

Everyone knows millennials are obsessed with depression. And memes. And depression memes. There are infinite reasons as to why, but I’ve come to observe that the bleakest memes in the vast murky abyss of dark Internet content are the ones that pertain to our current hookup culture. The singles are without a doubt the most depressed subculture in all of depressed social media. Of course you could be depressed if you’re not single, but definitely not as depressed as you would be if you were also without a partner who loves you, or even someone who finds you potentially interesting.