Carrie Symonds may have clambered out of the bear pit, but she’s just wandered into the jungle. In January, the fiancée of Prime Minister Boris Johnson—and onetime P.R. chief for the Conservative Party—landed a cushy new role as communications director for the Aspinall Foundation, a conservation charity best known for its two zoos down in Kent. It’s a plum role in an organization awash with old pals, soft-power doyens, and Tory backslappers. But it also serves a happy triple purpose for the country’s First Couple.

First: to provide a dual income to a threadbare Downing Street in the face of a reported $275,000 refurbishment and the loss of the P.M.’s private income. (Money is apparently so tight over at HQ that Johnson—the divorcé whose hungry offspring litter West London—allegedly planned to set up a mysterious donor fund just to keep the household in gold-leafed wallpaper. But we’ll get to that later.)