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Crime and Scandal Redux: Editors’ Picks

Issue No. 51

The View from Here

When Air Mail launched a year ago this month, we sensed that readers craved a break…

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Should the Rich Be Allowed to Buy the Best Genes? A letter from Quebec City and parts west …

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My Tea with Jeffrey Epstein A tale of mysterious airline upgrades, bounced checks, and a fembot named Sophia

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Small Talk
“I draw the line at flip-flop shares.”

The Highest Office A former Trump intimate insists that Donald Trump is a known substance abuser. Why is no one listening?

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Murder in Fairfield County Eight months after Jennifer Farber disappeared, her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, was charged with her murder. Soon he was dead

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Small Talk
Brexit Follies

She Worked Hard for His Money Will Boris Johnson’s relationship with a pole-dancing American model who appeared in Naughty @ 40 lead him to prison?

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The Curious Case of the Vogue Grifter Yvonne Bannigan went from high-profile assistant to convicted felon. Hers is a particularly sad New York story

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In Cold Blue Blood

The mystery of the missing French aristocrat who vanished after murdering his wife, children, and dogs
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The Man Who Played with Fire The puzzling moral trajectory of David Boies

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The Jeffrey Epstein of Paris Why did the Café de Flore set protect the pedophile who was abusing their children?

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Small Talk
“We can’t cure it, but with enough social pressure, we can get it canceled.”

Naughty Nights with Randy Andy Models, masseuses, and (ahem) more were part of the princely pleasures of the Duke of York. One fellow partyer lived to tell the tale …

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Beached Wales Harry and Meghan, having left Britain with a stopover in Canada, go house hunting in celebrityville, U.S.A.

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What Fresh Hell Harry and Meghan’s week gets complicated as Dad steps into the picture and the Canadians act very un-Canadianly

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A Debtor’s Prison Are Prince Andrew’s fragile finances to blame for his entanglement in the Jeffrey Epstein debacle?

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Throne for a Loss Why do the royals keep falling for moneyed mountebanks and billionaire bounders?

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Small Talk
“Imagine yourself: driving up the coast, the top down, tears streaming down your face because your wife had no choice but to kick you out, this time for good.”

Shades of Blue Shots are fired outside an unsavory Tennessee bar, killing the proprietor—an off-duty cop. When the case goes cold, the cop’s grieving family takes matters into their own hands

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Affairs of State A new book goes deep into the hot-blooded hypocrisy at the heart of the French presidency

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Barclay v. Barclay In which the scions of a secretive British billionaire are accused of conspiring against his identical twin brother

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Death Becomes Him Stéphane Bourgoin enjoyed a dazzling career as France’s top expert on serial killers. There was only one little problem …

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Small Talk

Lights Out The picturesque Brant Lake boys’ camp, in the Adirondacks, seemed the perfect idyll—until a longtime counselor was accused of child molestation

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Grifter of the Goop Set Belle Gibson knew just how to dupe the wellness-worried

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Seoul-Crushing The former star of K-pop’s biggest band is under investigation for running a prostitution ring, among other indecorous charges

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Small Talk

“Old Boys” vs. New Tricks At St. Bernard’s School, new-money barbarians are at war with upper-class traditionalists

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Killing Spree When migrant women disappeared on the island of Cyprus, no one went looking for them

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Good Night, Mr. Chips

The author recalls an inspiring English teacher—and recounts the gruesome gaslighting that ended with his murder
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Mein Campf! The scandalous Hitler-diaries fiasco nearly brought down three major news organizations

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Small Talk

Fawlty Towers

The château that ate Provence
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1963 All Over Again Courtney and Corrie Cockrell, grandnieces of the assassinated civil-rights hero Medgar Evers, consider his legacy through the lens of George Floyd

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The Making of a Predator, Part I What hidden demons drove Harvey Weinstein’s rise and fall?

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Davos Satyricon A new investigation reveals that the high-powered World Economic Forum is a sexist toga party in the Swiss Alps

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Small Talk
“You keep saying apocalyptic, but I think you mean post-apocalyptic.”

Who Really Killed Jimmy Hoffa? (And was the frozen salmon a red herring?)

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The Princess Diaries Narcissism, drug abuse, infidelity, and betrayal—Princess Margaret’s longtime lady-in-waiting writes a tell-all

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Play With It Again, Sam We went to Paris for an exclusive look at the Woody Allen movie that Amazon dumped and no one wants Americans to see

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Glock Party Celebrities flock to fête the inventor of a killer handgun

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Small Talk
“Ice-age deniers.”

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Issue No. 51
July 4, 2020
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Issue No. 51
July 4, 2020