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Rich Cohen

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The View from Here

Jennifer Dulos disappeared three years ago. The husband accused of her murder is dead by his own hand. Now his mistress is on trial

Popcorn Presidents

The movies watched in the White House provide fascinating insights into the mindset—angry, affable, aggrieved—of its inhabitants

The View from Here

The anti-Semitic reactions in America to the war in Gaza are threatening the country’s most essential compact

The Enforcer and the Maestro

In an excerpt from his new book, Rich Cohen reveals the closer-than-blood relationship forged between Michael Jordan and Charles Oakley

The View from Here

A U.S. Air Force whistleblower has made dramatic new claims for the existence of U.F.O.’s. Is it enough to finally make us believe?

Going After the Gonzo

When the author was sent to visit Hunter S. Thompson—five months before Thompson shot himself—he found a writer trapped inside a legend

Sexist Pigs Might Fly

For a brief moment in the mid–20th century, men-only flights—with complimentary cocktails and cigars—took to the skies

The Fitbit Done Him In

Richard Dabate thought he had the perfect alibi, but he hadn’t considered the tattletale on his wife’s wrist. As in the unfolding case of Brian Walshe, who is accused of killing his wife after googling body-disposal tips, technology is proving to be the ultimate witness

The Many Mysteries of Murder Boy, Part II

His grandfather had an estate worth nearly $40 million. When his mother died, he stood to inherit millions. Did Nathan Carman kill them both?

The Many Mysteries of “Murder Boy”

His grandfather had an estate worth $40 million. When his mother died, he stood to inherit millions. Did Nathan Carman kill them both?

Herbie Fully Loaded

In an excerpt from his new book, the author remembers unleashing his father, a well-known negotiator, on a professor he hated

Always Be Suspicious of the “Cool Mom”

A sex scandal involving teens and a mother engulfs upscale Greenwich, Connecticut

Bloody Hands All Around

Elizabeth Holmes was found guilty. But was justice served?

Why Would Elizabeth Holmes Break Her Silence?

In a bold move, the Theranos founder took the stand. Will she be able to talk her way out of a conviction?

Will Elizabeth Holmes Walk Free?

Whom does a jury hate more? An accused grifter or filthy-rich people who let their greed lead them into a con?

The Modern Art of Divorce

What’s bad for billionaires Harry and Linda Macklowe is very, very good for art collectors

Blood Lust

Elizabeth Holmes is confronted with texts from a scorned lover and by a whistleblower

A Lack of Intelligence

General “Mad Dog” Mattis complains that he got played by Holmes. Meanwhile, a mysterious presence in the press room

Blood Simpleton

In Part III of our coverage of Elizabeth Holmes’s fraud trial, the prosecution builds its case

A Pinch of Blood

After years of anticipation, former Theranos C.E.O. Elizabeth Holmes goes on trial for an alleged fraud of epic proportions

Blood in the Water

Elizabeth Holmes’s high-tech blood-testing company, Theranos, made her a paper billionaire—until she and it were alleged to be frauds. Here, the first in a six-part series tracing Holmes’s epic rise and fall

The Mind of a Killer

A year after Fotis Dulos took his own life, a writer retraces his steps on the day his wife, Jennifer, vanished

On Thin Ice

Confessions of a hockey dad

Wax On, Wax Off

Cobra Kai, a TV-series sequel to The Karate Kid, pays worthy homage to the original while undoing it