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Alexandra Marshall

Alexandra Marshall is a Writer at Large for AIR MAIL. She is a contributor to W, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, and Travel+Leisure. Marshall lives in Paris.

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Daddy Issues

In her new memoir, Emmanuelle Seigner attempts to re-frame her husband, Roman Polanski, as a doting spouse and father. But even the French aren’t buying it

Don’t Sweat It

Naomi Watts, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Mariella Frostrup are among the entrepreneurs who are making menopause look rather … sexy

Cherchez la Frame

Macron is positioning himself as a man of the people—sexy selfies and portraiture included. French politics will never be the same

Serving Up Looks

CT Hedden got his start as a bartender at Indochine. Now he’s the toast of Paris Fashion Week

Bezos in Love

Is Lauren Sanchez a modern-day Marion Davies?

The View from Here

Paris is looking worse for the wear, and the Internet is outraged. Is this the end for Mayor Anne Hidalgo?

Is That a Birkin on the Blockchain?

Why are luxury brands messing around in the NFT sandbox?

Sorry, Not Sorry

In Paris, the Café de Flore set has been plagued with sex-crime scandals—but there’s no apology in sight

Collins on the Rocks

American expats are fuming over Emily in Paris, Darren Star’s absurd new Netflix series

“Off with Their Euros!”

Welcome to Royalist theme park Puy du Fou, the least woke place in France

Race to the Bottom

As the heirs of the late Marchioness of Moratalla squabble over her estate, her prize-winning jumpers go hungry

Estate of Affairs

Tax fraud, an absent accountant, and squabbling male models are threatening to undermine Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy

Death Becomes Him

Stéphane Bourgoin enjoyed a dazzling career as France’s top expert on serial killers. There was only one little problem …

Tress Test

As Paris tiptoes toward reopening, hundreds of its best-coiffed women are still suffering on the waiting list at David Mallett’s salon. Welcome to the new normal…

Affairs of State

A new book goes deep into the hot-blooded hypocrisy at the heart of the French presidency

Nu in Town

Eli Rosen, Hollywood’s Yiddish consultant, on the set of Unorthodox in Berlin

Ménage à Trop

We broke up in June, but our house still hasn’t sold. Now we can’t even go outside …

Yeezus Saves

Even the most cynical fashion insiders couldn’t help but feel the spirit at Kanye West’s Sunday Service, Paris Fashion Week edition

A French Kiss-Off

Coronavirus be damned—at Paris Fashion Week, the shows must go on

Battle of the Bulge

The mayoral race in Paris has been scandalized by a barrage of dick pics, Twitter meltdowns, and unhinged lawyers. The Americanization of French politics continues apace …


Inside Gwyneth’s No. 2 (not that!)

The Jeffrey Epstein of Paris

Why did the Café de Flore set protect the pedophile who was abusing their children?


Filmmaker Luc Besson is facing legal woes from le cinq-à-sept and, worse, le neuf-à-cinq

A Very Ruthie Rogers Holiday

For the impresario of London’s River Café, Christmas requires bollito misto, ample margaritas, and as many friends and family members as possible