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Issue No. 55

The View from Here

Mitch McConnell and his Republican cohort are, most surely, to the Trump regime what Ghislaine Maxwell was to Jeffrey Epstein…

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Worst. Bond Villain. Ever. Beleaguered Facebook C.E.O. Mark Zuckerberg disrupts Hawaii

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Business and Pleasure A member of Ghislaine Maxwell’s social circle digs into her traumatic childhood and complicated relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

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Whine and Cheese Does Finding Freedom really lay bare all the bitterness and infighting that drove Meghan and Harry to quit the royal family?

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Depp Charge! In a post-coronavirus world, should there be room for an oafish, drug-raddled booze hound?

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Putin’s Fox News How RT America’s blend of entertainment and disinformation is warping our politics

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Race to the Bottom As the heirs of the late Marchioness of Moratalla squabble over her estate, her prize-winning jumpers go hungry

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Meet the World’s Most Photographed Polar Bear

It seems Misha is always available for nature paparazzi
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Bee List The planet’s most vital species has life lessons for these turbulent times

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Sound Advice For the multi-tasker: an audio selection of seven of this week’s AIR MAIL pieces

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On the Road

“From the day I went to work for Andy at Interview, my life became one of great contrast,” says Bob Colacello. “Until then it was all about being in the middle. Suddenly I found myself swung from one extreme to the other, from drag queens to European royals.” Colacello, Warhol’s right-hand man and the editor of Interview magazine from 1970 to 1982, carried a Minox 35 EL camera around with him starting in 1976. In fact, he and Warhol had bought matching Minoxes in Bonn. It was the first miniature camera capable of making full-frame 35-mm. photos, and Colacello would “keep it inside my jacket pocket, and take it out when I saw someone doing something interesting.” READ ON

Andy with Covered Cars, Isfahan, Iran, part of “On the Road,” a collection of Bob Colacello’s photographs on view at Vito Schnabel’s Saint-Moritz gallery until September 5.

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That Side of Paradise Why the world’s wealthiest sybarites fight to get into Tuscany’s humblest vacation spot

Advocating in Style Remembering a 50-year career of propelling both fashion and equality forward

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The Movie Star’s Movie Star A new podcast evokes the advent of the Valley’s adult-film stars and the awe they earned from their Hollywood equivalents

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Back to the Future Alvin and Heidi Toffler’s book Future Shock, published a half-century ago, got a lot right about our current times

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In Search of Lost Pianos A journey to Siberia reveals the life of a 19th-century Russian princess who, in extreme isolation, found solace in music

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The Mystery of Charles Dickens

by A. N. Wilson
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12 Seconds of Silence: How a Team of Inventors, Tinkerers, and Spies Took Down a Nazi Superweapon

by Jamie Holmes
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Hold the Dairy The craze for a healthier, tastier alterna-milk has turned Oatly into a $2 billion success story

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“I’ll talk, I’ll talk! Just turn off the director’s cut.”

“Why are you not honoring your oath to the Constitution?,” Christopher David, a 53-year-old veteran and graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, asked federal officers in Portland. They responded by spraying chemical irritant into his face and beating him with a baton, breaking two bones in his hand.
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Issue No. 55
August 1, 2020
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Issue No. 55
August 1, 2020