Have we really reached the point where a gazillionaire can’t ride a $12,000 electric surfboard along the coastline of a state he owns a largish chunk of in peace without being held up to ridicule?

The gazillionaire in question is Facebook C.E.O. Mark Zuckerberg. The coastline is that of Kauai, the Hawaiian island where the family Zuckerberg has been self-isolating. In photographs that appeared in the New York Post and quickly became a meme, Zuck is comfortably upright on the board, remote control in hand, his face a copiously sunscreened mask. It is, admittedly, a peculiar look, more than a little Marcel Marceau–ish, though given the setting you don’t actually expect him to break into that always-good-for-a-laugh picnic-ants routine. No, it’s more like a scene from a BBC nature special, in which David Attenborough has just startled a previously undiscovered species of shorebird: the blue-hoodied booby.