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James Marriott

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Scaling “Mount Proust”

After reading all 3,200 pages of In Search of Lost Time, one editor explains what critics—including Cormac McCarthy—got wrong about the masterpiece

I Am Important

Being exceptional is overrated. Perhaps it’s time to embrace the power of an ordinary life

The World According to Harry

Written like an exceedingly long, drunken text message, and opening with a phrase from BrainyQuote, Spare is anything but the typical royal memoir

Reality Bites

Rumored to be the most expensive TV show of all time, Amazon’s new Lord of the Rings prequel confirms that fantasy, a once mocked and belittled genre, is now a mainstream money-spinner

Talk of the Town

The team behind Normal People returns with Sally Rooney’s literary debut, Conversations with Friends

International Men of Mundanity

No hobbies. No quirks. Turns out the super-rich are also super-boring

Lockdown Pick-Me-Up

The deputy books editor at The Times of London recommends the best humorous volumes to take the edge off, including classics from Nora Ephron, Bill Bryson, and P. G. Wodehouse

Ghost of Dickens Past

Can Normal People Make It on TV?

Fans worship Sally Rooney as the voice of a generation. But will her best-seller translate to TV?

The Little Old Lady Who Enjoyed Murdering People

After Shakespeare, Agatha Christie is the world’s most widely published author