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Issue No. 38

The View from Here

We believe in second chances.

And not just the kind given out in It’s a Wonderful Life or A Christmas Carol.

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The Lyin’ King Trump goes missing in the six weeks the pandemic takes to devastate his country

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Old School, New Tricks Eton opens its doors to the children of N.H.S. workers, finally giving the posh English boarding school a class worth bragging about

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Week Two in the I.C.U. Coronavirus cases are up. Vital supplies remain down

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The Lonely Traveler The tragic saga of an almost mythical figure from the Canadian wilderness

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Small Talk
“After state and federal, you get just one wish, and it’s for half-off chicken wings.”

Beached Wales Harry and Meghan, having left Britain with a stopover in Canada, go house hunting in celebrityville, U.S.A.

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“Hope You Are Well.”
(And Flush!)
A headshaking selection of “concerned” e-mails we’ve received

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Can Normal People Make It on TV? Fans worship Sally Rooney as the voice of a generation. But will her best-seller translate to TV?

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Virtual Must-Sees

Much-Kneaded Relief Suddenly, we’re all … making our own bread? These days, carbo-loading is the yeast of our worries

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There in Spirit London’s Chris Beetles Gallery launches “Spirit of England,” a weekly series of online exhibitions for browsing and buying

Viral Vigilantes The latest cause of the Twitter rage mob? Social-media distancing

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Small Talk
“Retail-shopping re-enactors.”

Apropos of Nothing

by Woody Allen
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Thinking Again

by Jan Morris
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One Two Three Four: The Beatles in Time

by Craig Brown
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Seven Score and Fifteen Years Ago … The author of a new book on Lincoln’s second inaugural address captures the country at a historic crossroads

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Roxana Halls How should women act? The British artist’s subversive feminist works are gleefully unapologetic

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Harry Hamilton The British soldier who claimed he got lost and liberated Paris by accident

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Small Talk

“My terrace looks down the street onto the Brearley School, the East River, and Roosevelt Island, and then past that to Queens. It is a godsend for me on every day and night in every season. Even on the bleakest of days I can see the beauty of nature, albeit an urban one.”
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Issue No. 38
April 4, 2020
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Issue No. 38
April 4, 2020

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