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Sam Wasson

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Packages and Kings

How, amid the wreckage of Heaven’s Gate, a couple of young agents rebuilt the movie business in their own image

Go Big or Go Home

A new generation is discovering the pleasures of classic movies at Alexander Olch’s Lower East Side revival house, Metrograph

The Bike Picture

How a long-haired band of outsiders with a 16-mm. camera, $300,000, and “a hell of an idea” re-invented American movies with Easy Rider

Everybody’s Talkin’

How a disruptive new technology—sound—brought an end to the silent era and gave rise to the studio system. An exclusive excerpt from Hollywood: The Oral History

Little Gold Men, Big White Guilt

L.A.’s new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures has little to say about movie history—but speaks volumes about Hollywood and our times

Wilder at Heart

Bruce Wagner’s Woke Universe

After his publisher balked at his use of a certain word, Hollywood’s master of satire posts his new novel online for free

Hollywood’s Bomb

Kvetch, Memory