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Giles Coren

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Ice Ice Baby

A salacious new memoir by John le CarrĂ©’s longtime mistress leaves his once thrilling spy stories looking rather dull

Harry the Conquering Hero

The prince comes to the rescue to “protect” his grandmother the Queen and ensure the “right people” are around her

Bad Words

No worries! I am literally about to circle back to that … Some words are better left unsaid

The Lost Boys of Fiction

Oh where, oh where have the young male novelists gone?

Depp Charge!

In a post-coronavirus world, should there be room for an oafish, drug-raddled booze hound?

Rub Your Tummy, Mr. Blofeld?

Is Daniel Craig the world’s oldest rent boy, or just promoting the new (and rescheduled) James Bond?

Model Land

A theme park for people obsessed with runways, photo shoots, makeovers, and red-carpet rides