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Errol Morris

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The View from Here

A qualified defense of other people

What Is Love?

Whether on Hitler’s evil, Shakespeare’s genius, or the nature of love, Ron Rosenbaum resists the lure of easy answers

No News Is Bad News

Can political documentaries effect change? Benjamin Netanyahu seems to think so

The Postmodernist and the Drowning Man

For Janet Malcolm, there was no ultimate truth—only endless interpretation. Except when her own credibility was on the line

It’s Complicated

A new film re-examines Tolstoy’s marriage—a subject that has inspired more than a century of commentary, from dueling novellas to literary mock trials

Weird Science

Are the people in Nathan Fielder’s The Rehearsal knowing participants—or guinea pigs in a mad behavioral experiment?

The View from Here

Is Trump crazy like a fox—or just plain crazy? The director of the documentary series Unprecedented thinks the latter

The View from Here

Fifty years on, Nick Ut’s Pulitzer Prize–winning photograph, “Napalm Girl,” still has the power to shock. But can a picture change the world?


Nothing says “Continental” cuisine like hot-dog lasagna

Who Really Killed Jimmy Hoffa?

(And was the frozen salmon a red herring?)

The View from There

Who Really Killed Jimmy Hoffa?

(And was the frozen salmon a red herring?)

Why Talk to a Pariah?

I’ve never met one I didn’t like and I just wanted to understand