John McAfee is no stranger to a striking image. In 1987, as he began to dominate the brave new world of anti-virus software, the tech founder advertised his namesake company with a moody black-and-white self-portrait in which he held a stethoscope to a sickly computer. In 2017, he claimed he would “eat his own d**k on national television” if Bitcoin’s trading value didn’t reach $500,000.

McAfee has zigzagged from Silicon Valley darling to a “person of interest” in a murder case; from yoga guru to gun-toting womanizer; from crypto-currency evangelist to Libertarian presidential challenger. His Instagram account appears to be run by a hyperactive 12-year-old boy—McAfee’s face superimposed onto the Terminator; wacky outfits and conspiracy theories; wraparound shades and pump-action shotguns and a particularly itchy-looking nose. In a 2012 profile with Wired magazine, the man played Russian roulette with a Smith & Wesson in front of his interviewer; last year he launched a “meme” crypto-currency called WHACKD, marketed with the mantra “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself.” For a self-declared fugitive, McAfee is not afraid of a little attention seeking.