Back in April, on what felt like day infinity of lockdown and Zoom school but was really just the opening act, I yelled at my two kids with such volume that I actually lost my voice. The usual respites—dinner with friends, a night at the theater, or even a yoga class—were off-limits. So I texted a friend who is a mother of three and was in similarly dire straits. What do I do?, I wrote. Her answer was decisive: “You need Dr. Becky.”

Maybe there are parents out there who don’t feel insecure and terrified that they’re screwing up their kids. But there are enough who do that each generation has its parenting guru, whether it is Dr. Spock, Magda Gerber, or, now, Becky Kennedy. A Manhattan-based psychologist, mother of three, and Instagram star, Kennedy has in the past year become a cornerstone of the parenting-in-a-pandemic experience, thanks to her brass-tacks advice for managing our kids, and ourselves, in maddening times.