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Issue No. 9

It Was a Rough Week for …

… mustaches, or at least for John Bolton’s, which was given an unceremonious bum’s rush right out of the White House, along with its owner—the newest former national-security adviser—who had the misfortune of being attached to it at the time. But any week that began with the news that the Palins were divorcing wasn’t going to be much fun regardless. (Where were you when you heard?)

Nor was it a very good week for Plácido Domingo or Boris Johnson. The former is being investigated by the opera performers’ union regarding sexual-harassment allegations, while the latter watched his agenda thwarted—by his…

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Issue No. 9

The View from Here

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My Tea with Jeffrey Epstein A tale of mysterious airline upgrades, bounced checks, and a fembot named Sophia

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The Dogaressa’s Palace

When Peggy Guggenheim moved to Venice, in 1948, the city wasn’t the floating playground for contemporary art that it is today. No billionaires had parked their collections there, no blue-chip sales directors were spending the Biennale preview week working up a sweat on the Bauer Hotel dance floor. In that year of ’48, with the entire European continent slowly recovering from the Second World War and Greece embroiled in a civil war, Guggenheim was invited to show her collection at the Greek Pavilion of the exhibition. READ ON

Peggy Guggenheim in Venice, 1968. “Peggy Guggenheim: The Last Dogaressa” opens at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection on September 21.

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Hail Fellowes, Well Met The creator of Downton Abbey has lunch with an old flame

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Small Talk
“I don’t know—the EPA was here when I left last night.”

Black Cloud Leon Black and the other investors and philanthropists who want to unfriend Jeffrey Epstein

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Avigdor Lieberman makes Netanyahu and Trump seem like milquetoasts. He could upend the Israeli elections

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Searching for Faces Artist Nathaniel Mary Quinn brings his newest series of unforgettable portraits to the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills

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Small Talk
“Instead of digging a hole to China, I’ve hired the Chinese to dig a hole to us.”

A Big, Small Life

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Rebel Writers: The Accidental Feminists

by Celia Brayfield
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Darkness at Noon

by Arthur Koestler
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The Years That Matter Most

by Paul Tough
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Short List

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Wright, Wronged Frank Lloyd Wright’s biographer seeks to understand the architect through the gruesome crime he wasn’t home for

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Jonathan Safran Foer Recommends the best books on climate change

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Small Talk
“O.K., O.K. … I’d lay with Peter, betroth Paul, and smite Luke.”

All in the Details

“He can paint anything,” Erasmus of Rotterdam said of Albrecht Dürer, the painter, printmaker, typographer, inventor, and art theorist who brought the High Renaissance from the South to the North. “Even things one cannot paint—fire, sun rays, thunder, electric storms, lightning, and banks of fog … the whole human soul as revealed in the body’s form, and almost even the voice itself.” READ ON

Left Wing of a Blue Roller, by Albrecht Dürer. A new exhibition on the artist opens at the Albertina, in Vienna, on September 20.

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Small Talk
“I’m just saying—I think we’d be better off borrowing the money.”

Mamma Tua!

Abba morphs from musical to interactive dinner theater
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Ask Victoria

Dear Victoria,

My 10-year-old daughter’s favorite book is The Secret Garden, so I promised her a visit to the English countryside. Can you suggest something lovely but less intimidating than the Soho Farmhouse?

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Small Talk
“It was awful—we got stuck sitting next to our kids the whole flight.”

Orcapella Scientists record whale songs from the South Pacific

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View With a Room

Top of the Lake A modern masterpiece perched above Lake Como

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As a young boy, Hilary often played audience to his mother as she painted her exotic, enormous oil paintings. It was then that he absorbed what he assumed was an ornithological fact, but later learned was his illustrator mother’s creation: that birds were adorned in jewels and patterned with floral feathers.
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Issue No. 9
September 14, 2019
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Issue No. 9
September 14, 2019