It seems every day brings a fresh revelation of another Jeffrey Epstein “friend.” Just this week, old photos emerged showing Sarah Ferguson and Chris Tucker and even Hilary Swank posing with Epstein’s maid or her husband. From Wall Street to Park Avenue, from M.I.T. to Windsor Castle, those at or near the top are holding their breath, wondering what new piece of evidence will bubble up and pull them, rightfully or not, into the Epstein morass.

One of them must surely be private-equity billionaire Leon Black. He’s not a bold-faced name like Prince Andrew or Bill Clinton. But he’s still the kind of person (hyper-rich) that Epstein attracted. As the co-founder and C.E.O. of Apollo Global Management, the behemoth private-equity-and-asset-management firm, he has a fortune of around $8 billion (and growing).