… mustaches, or at least for John Bolton’s, which was given an unceremonious bum’s rush right out of the White House, along with its owner—the newest former national-security adviser—who had the misfortune of being attached to it at the time. But any week that began with the news that the Palins were divorcing wasn’t going to be much fun regardless. (Where were you when you heard?)

Nor was it a very good week for Plácido Domingo or Boris Johnson. The former is being investigated by the opera performers’ union regarding sexual-harassment allegations, while the latter watched his agenda thwarted—by his own political party—on a pretty much hourly basis, including when (a) Parliament rejected the prime minister’s call for snap elections and (b) a Scottish court ruled that, by his suspension of Parliament, he had in effect misled the Queen (the Queen!) into doing something unlawful. Theresa May’s tenure is starting to reconfigure itself as a period of great accomplishment.