Following Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide by bedsheet two weeks ago, attention has turned to his inner circle, which included L Brands C.E.O. Les Wexner and Prince Andrew, among other rich and powerful individuals. But innermost of all was Ghislaine Maxwell—daughter of the late British press baron Robert Maxwell—who now stands accused of grooming Epstein’s harem of “masseuses,” which she has denied.

Robert Maxwell, the multi-millionaire publisher of a stack of tabloids including the Daily Mirror and the New York Daily News, met his end in 1991 after supposedly falling off his yacht, Lady Ghislaine, in the pre-dawn hours while it was cruising near the Canary Islands—a scene unworthy of Jackie Collins. (To this day, the cause of death remains unresolved.) In the wake of Maxwell’s final cannonball, it was discovered that he had looted some $560 million from the Mirror Group’s employee pension fund, leaving his nine children not just emotionally crippled from a lifetime of dealing with their father’s relentless bullying, but also disgraced and significantly poorer.