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King Leer

Why would disgraced monarch Juan Carlos of Spain spy on his ex-mistress? The drama continues …

The King Lear of Wine

In death, one of Spain’s most famous vintners crushes the hopes of his three daughters

A Summer-Camp Horror Story

Why has a man accused of sexual harassment been rehired at a summer camp for the kids of elite New Yorkers?

Speak, Memory

The Manhattan district attorney has indicted Trump’s ever loyal C.F.O., Allen Weisselberg, in the hope that he will turn on the boss to save his own skin

Match Made in Hell, Part I

At first, the lying, ghosting, and money-borrowing could be overlooked in the name of true love …

The Adulterer in the Room

In 2001, Eric Schmidt was brought to Google to be “the adult in the room.” He became a billionaire—but raised eyebrows with his very open marriage

This Season’s Model?

The man behind fashion powerhouse Zadig & Voltaire swaps his wife for her twin sister

The Little Con Man That Could

A baby-faced fraudster, the king of Spain, and a possible 30-year prison sentence—it’s not a Hollywood film, yet …

A Shot in the Dark

How did the partner of a British billionaire’s son end up being held on charges of manslaughter in a prison infested with scorpions, tarantulas, and cockroaches?

Norse Myth

The new film Oslo neglects an essential detail about the diplomat it glorifies: his connection to Jeffrey Epstein

From Russia Without Love

Stolen passports, armor-plated cars, and a possible $8 billion payout. Haven’t these oligarchs ever heard of a pre-nup?

Tunnel Vision

Why one Candy brother is selling his $241 million London apartment and the other has built a subterranean storehouse for his 57 supercars

In France, a Woman Strikes Back

Molested when she was 12, Valérie Bacot, decades later, killed her abuser—her husband. Many want to see her set free

Keith McNally Goes off the Menu

Why are his eyebrow-raising posts shaking up Instagram?

Divorced from Reality

An aristocrat and his estranged wife sling accusations of bigamy and deception as the breakdown of their marriage leaves them both in financial ruin

If You Think the House of Windsor Has Issues …

A dynastic struggle in Jordan pits prince against prince, and queen against queen

Bad Education

A flood of student allegations, ranging from endemic sexism to rape, is roiling the English school system

“What’s a Ponzi Scheme?”

The surprises don’t end with Bernie Madoff, the mastermind behind a $65 billion Ponzi scheme

In the Red?

Will Donald Trump’s longtime moneyman flip on the ex-prez? An ugly divorce gives prosecutors power

On Thin Ice

Is an ugly divorce the key to putting Donald Trump in prison?

Carrie Takes the Lion’s Share?

Boris Johnson’s fiancée leaves politics to work at a zoo

Reform School

Fake heiress Anna Sorokin has been sprung from prison—and can’t stop talking

Oui, Madame!

At Valérie Hervo’s swingers’ club, the beau monde finds unadulterated pleasure. Masks, yes (at some point), but no clothes!

Your Schloss or Mine?

Why is the patriarch of one of Germany’s most revered noble families living in the woods and suing his son?