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Boy’s Family Sues Elite Camp

Brant Lake faces three civil lawsuits over sex abuse

Divorce, Oligarch-Style

The ex-wife of an oil-and-gas baron goes to the mattresses to get hold of her $600 million settlement

A Tech Tycoon’s Prison Tweets

Before the anti-virus-software guru John McAfee died in prison in Spain, he was a social media animal

Pedaling Bad Behavior

SoulCycle was always cultish. Now instructors are accused of having sex with clients, racism, and more

Was Diana Duped?

Earl Spencer accuses the BBC of swindling his sister out of secrets in her infamous interview

The King’s Gambit

Is Spain’s exiled monarch, Juan Carlos, running out of moves?

Depp Goes Down Swinging

Once Hollywood’s fêted heartthrob, Johnny Depp may never work again after this week’s High Court verdict in the U.K.

Did She Marry a He-Devil?

Fay Weldon’s life eerily imitates her fiction

Holy Terror

The cardinal in charge of vetting saints is fired over charges that he embezzled Vatican funds meant for the poor

Tempest in a Teacup

The author of a naughty tell-all memoir is driven into hiding while le tout London wonders what on earth Sasha Swire was thinking

Sex Education

Two elite British universities—including Prince William’s alma mater—unravel amid horrific accusations of assault on campus

Is Serge Gainsbourg #Annulé?

The French intelligentsia now see him as Harvey Weinstein in dirty denim

Toulouse-Lautrec’s Family Is Shortchanged

The artist’s 91-year-old great-grandniece gets grifted out of the château

Booty Call

Paris robbers who stole $10.6 million worth of Kim Kardashian’s jewelry used her social media to map their heist

Best Served Cold

Barbara Amiel, wife of disgraced media tycoon Conrad Black, is out for blood with a memoir taking aim at her high-society friends

Oedipus Vex

For father-and-son French philosophers, dishing is a revenge best served cold

The Da Vinci Coda

Best-selling author Dan Brown’s marriage unravels amid accusations of affairs and financial shenanigans worthy of, well, a very bad novel

Those Naughty Evangelicals!

Jerry Falwell Jr. was very happy to bear witness as wife Becki ministered to the young pool attendant

The Bird (and Wine) Men of Gorgona

On a remote island, inmates at Italy’s last penal colony produce one of the region’s most expensive wines and learn to care for animals

Wreck the Halls

Juan Carlos of Spain’s former girlfriend is embroiled in a scandal surrounding her Shropshire, U.K., estate

Charlotte’s Web

How did a 28-year-old unknown actress bring down a titan of Hollywood—and become the center of the town’s scandals?

Bunga Bunga Is Back, Baby!

Nearing his mid-80s, former Italian P.M. and infamous womanizer Silvio Berlusconi is poised for a comeback (he also just tested positive for the coronavirus)

Lost at Sea

Searching for answers to her mother’s mysterious death, Natalie Wood’s daughter questions Robert Wagner

Hardened Criminality,
Part III

The allegations against Ron Jeremy are approaching a climax. Is he finally getting what he deserves?