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Snake Eyes

A bumbling billionaire blows a fortune trying to build the Vegas of Down Under

Howard’s End

Once the master of the castle used in the filming of Bridgerton and Brideshead Revisited, Simon Howard now faces vast troubles, including child-sex-offense charges

When Your Life Is a True-Crime Scandal

Six years after she was freed from an Italian prison and found innocent of a sensational murder, Amanda Knox looks back

The Château That Ate Provence, Part II

In Provence, France’s highest court orders a showman to destroy his opulent $69 million faux Italianate palazzo

Sorry, Not Sorry

In Paris, the Café de Flore set has been plagued with sex-crime scandals—but there’s no apology in sight

Boiling Point

Gordon Ramsay’s family meltdown makes Hell’s Kitchen look like paradise

Naughty or Nice?

Fake-heiress grifter Anna Delvey, imprisoned for a $275,000 swindle, is being released early—just in time for her Netflix debut

Daddy Dearest?

Accusations of a third love child threaten to unravel the fragile peace between Prince Albert of Monaco and his wife, Charlene

The Mind of a Killer

A year after Fotis Dulos took his own life, a writer retraces his steps on the day his wife, Jennifer, vanished

Bullfighters Enter Ring with Stepmother

Brothers demand return of their father’s legacy

Boy’s Family Sues Elite Camp

Brant Lake faces three civil lawsuits over sex abuse

Divorce, Oligarch-Style

The ex-wife of an oil-and-gas baron goes to the mattresses to get hold of her $600 million settlement

A Tech Tycoon’s Prison Tweets

Before the anti-virus-software guru John McAfee died in prison in Spain, he was a social media animal

Pedaling Bad Behavior

SoulCycle was always cultish. Now instructors are accused of having sex with clients, racism, and more

The King’s Gambit

Is Spain’s exiled monarch, Juan Carlos, running out of moves?

Was Diana Duped?

Earl Spencer accuses the BBC of swindling his sister out of secrets in her infamous interview

Depp Goes Down Swinging

Once Hollywood’s fêted heartthrob, Johnny Depp may never work again after this week’s High Court verdict in the U.K.

Did She Marry a He-Devil?

Fay Weldon’s life eerily imitates her fiction

Holy Terror

The cardinal in charge of vetting saints is fired over charges that he embezzled Vatican funds meant for the poor

Tempest in a Teacup

The author of a naughty tell-all memoir is driven into hiding while le tout London wonders what on earth Sasha Swire was thinking

Toulouse-Lautrec’s Family Is Shortchanged

The artist’s 91-year-old great-grandniece gets grifted out of the château

Is Serge Gainsbourg #Annulé?

The French intelligentsia now see him as Harvey Weinstein in dirty denim

Sex Education

Two elite British universities—including Prince William’s alma mater—unravel amid horrific accusations of assault on campus

Booty Call

Paris robbers who stole $10.6 million worth of Kim Kardashian’s jewelry used her social media to map their heist