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Murder in Fairfield County

The police reconstruct the day of Jennifer Dulos’s disappearance—and deconstruct the suspect’s alibis. About those garbage bags …

Murder in Fairfield County

May 24, 2019: Jennifer Dulos suddenly goes missing. The children are taken to Manhattan. And Fotis Dulos is a very busy man

Murder in Fairfield County

Fotis Dulos hoped his divorce from Jennifer could be handled amicably. Instead, it was one of the most litigious in Connecticut’s history

Escape Artist

Inigo Philbrick is a Ponzi-scheming gallerist who got in over his head. Now he’s gone missing—with a pack of furious collectors on his trail

Have a Seat!

The naughty French love chair designed for Edward VII to facilitate a threesome

Battle of the Bulge

The mayoral race in Paris has been scandalized by a barrage of dick pics, Twitter meltdowns, and unhinged lawyers. The Americanization of French politics continues apace …

Murder in Fairfield County

Trouble at home, trouble at the office. Fotis Dulos begins a serious affair. His wife, Jennifer, fears for her life

The Girl in the Park

The investigation into a Barnard student’s murder is haunted by the case of the Central Park Five

Murder in Fairfield County

Eight months after Jennifer Farber disappeared, her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, was charged with her murder. Soon he was dead

London Calling

The son of the nanny who was murdered by Lord Lucan claims he has found the believed-dead aristocrat alive

Epstein’s Island of Horrors

Behind the sun and palm trees, Little St. James was a prison for under-age girls

The Jeffrey Epstein of Paris

Why did the Café de Flore set protect the pedophile who was abusing their children?

Shades of Blue:
Part II

A P.I. gets a call from a woman who saw him on TV. The job: Find her son’s killer. The police investigation fell apart eight years earlier. He takes the case …

The Blogger Who Brought Down a Government

Malta’s “one-woman WikiLeaks” believed she was on the trail of a massive conspiracy. She was right

Shades of Blue

Shots are fired outside an unsavory Tennessee bar, killing the proprietor—an off-duty cop. When the case goes cold, the cop’s grieving family takes matters into their own hands

The Runaway Groom

Britain’s most-wanted con man bewitched, bamboozled, and embezzled

Who Really Killed Jimmy Hoffa?

(And was the frozen salmon a red herring?)

Mein Campf!

The scandalous Hitler-diaries fiasco nearly brought down three major news organizations

An Open-and-Shut Case

Grand larceny and the secret of the spying oysters

The Man Who Played with Fire

The curious moral trajectory of David Boies


Filmmaker Luc Besson is facing legal woes from le cinq-à-sept and, worse, le neuf-à-cinq

In Cold Blue Blood

The mystery of the missing French aristocrat who vanished after murdering his wife, children, and dogs

Sir Spankalot

A knighted British retail billionaire who partied with Beyoncé and Leonardo DiCaprio now faces ruin and misdemeanor-assault charges

Reefer Madness

Pot dealers literally go underground to tend a $50 million cannabis farm below the center of London