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The Way We Wordle How to win at the Internet’s latest obsession—now a part of The New York Times

Madoff, the Sequel! Meet Zach Horwitz, the part-time actor and millennial Madoff of Hollywood, who soaked suckers for $227 million

The Rules Still Apply In the 40 years since The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook encapsulated the British upper class, has anything really changed?

A Fawlty Tower of Billionaires 432 Park Avenue flipped a middle finger to New York’s elegant skyline. Now the hyper-rich who bought in, finding it riddled with shoddiness, are flipping the finger to the developers

The View from Here Vladimir Putin watches TV and believes the lies he imposes on the Russian media about Ukraine and the United States. Who does he sound like?

Disappearing Act The filmmaker behind Made You Look on why 2022 is poised to be the biggest year yet for art forgery and fraud

Seeing Green The Cousteau family gets into the cannabis business

Jody Gibson. Or, to Some of You Cads, “Babydol” In the 90s, she ran Hollywood’s most elite—and, perhaps, most expensive—prostitution ring

In Paris, Breadlines Are Drawn And other curious news about these strange days …

The Talented Dr. Gray As priceless heirlooms disappeared from the homes of Newport bluebloods and Georgetown ambassadors, Lawrence Gray remained above suspicion—and on the guest list

Baroness Busted Lingerie entrepreneur turned English lord and self-appointed crypto-currency expert Baroness Bra is now facing legal action over racist texts and millions in dodgy government contracts

Is It Bunga-Bunga Time (Again)? And other strange news about these curious days …

Bad Words No worries! I am literally about to circle back to that … Some words are better left unsaid

Baby Face As the beauty industry strives for a younger and younger look, the only place left to go is … skin as soft and supple as a baby’s (literally)

The Scent of a Scoundrel In Paris, accusations of elder abuse bring a stench to France’s oldest perfume house

The View from Here Everyone agrees Broadway needs more diversity. How to get there is a different story

Libertines of London These days, hedonism is even more infectious than Omicron

Botany of a Murder England may be a nation of gardeners, but in the picturesque coastal town of Poole, trees have been dying under mysterious circumstances

Brad Pitt Starts a Studio And other curious news about these strange days …

Bloody Hands All Around Elizabeth Holmes was found guilty. But was justice served?

The View from Here Farewell to a Hollywood original, an auteur with no hauteur

For Meta or Worse Big Tech is becoming the government. Can anyone rein in Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Co.?