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Splitting Hairs

Inside the messy legal battle that’s temporarily shuttered Paul Molé, the Upper East Side barbershop where everyone from Henry Fonda to John F. Kennedy Jr. went for haircuts

Art-World Confidential

He was one of New York’s most active art dealers—until he got busted for wire fraud. Now Ezra Chowaiki reveals the underhanded tricks of the trade, and how to survive in a prison filled with V.I.P.’s

Skeletons in the Closet

The exposure of neo-Nazi elements in German law enforcement is a shock—but not a surprise, to those who have been paying attention

The Battle for Chinatown

In Los Angeles, the forces of gentrification face up against the long-term residents

Grisly Business

When model Abby Choi’s body was found in pieces at a Hong Kong apartment, it didn’t take long for police to arrest her ex-husband

Marianne Mantell

With $1,500 in savings, she started a recording company that paved the way for the billion-dollar audiobook business

The Attention-Whore Index

This week sees the return of the prodigal prince to the top of the Index. Can he be overthrown by an even more querulous windbag? You decide!

The Fall and Fall of America’s Department Store

Eddie Lampert was a Wall Street wunderkind until he got his hands on Sears and, later, Kmart. He would become the scourge of one of the U.S.’s favorite retail franchises

The View from Here

Ahem, that better not be a cough

Devil Baby

Cocaine killed my ex-husband. Now fentanyl—the worst drug the world has ever seen—has our daughter in its grip

The Smear Heard Round the World

In the weeks after the 2020 election, Maria Bartiromo’s Fox News talk show became an open mike for Trump’s self-serving conspiracy theories

When It Rains, It Pours

Relentless rainstorms have made a stretch of Los Angeles’s Bel Air neighborhood lose power—and its residents lose their cool

Double Black Diamond in the Rough

For those brave souls willing to make the journey, the Iraq Ski Rally offers untouched slopes and striking vistas. Just look out for land mines

Walter Mirisch

Raised in the era of silent movies, the Some Like It Hot producer, whose films won 28 Oscars, started out as an usher in a New Jersey theater

The View from Here

The war in Ukraine has not only killed and displaced millions of people but tens of thousands of horses, too

The Attention-Whore Index

This week’s dross rising to the top includes some old familiar names causing all-new commotions. Who is the unworthiest? You decide!

Uncut Gemstones

If the Safdie brothers made a movie about a Christian mega-church, it would look a lot like a Hillsong service

The Attention-Whore Index

Will it be a familiar old contemptible or a striking new pretender who claims your attention this week? The decision is yours!

The Ultimate Map of New York and Its Drugs

From Xanax to cocaine to mushrooms, we break down the city’s drug scene by neighborhood

Putin’s Meat Grinder

How Yevgeny Prigozhin, a former convict turned billionaire businessman, became the Russian president’s secret weapon—and loose cannon

Return of the Serpent

Charles Sobhraj, the serial killer known as “the Serpent,” recently returned to Paris after two decades in a Nepalese jail. What’s he planning next?

Nepo-Baby Nuptials

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz may just be the ultimate bridezillas

What We Do in the Shadows

To better understand toxic masculinity, a British mother joined TikTok and Snapchat—but as a 15-year-old boy named “Harry”

The View from Here

One year after Putin’s invasion, a refugee from Mariupol tries to forge a new life in Europe