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Locks, Sex, and Two Smoking Barrels During shooting season in the U.K., the most coveted “birds” are bagged at night

Fussy Eaters Are Bad in Bed And other curious news about these strange days …

The Lady Vanishes Charged with a fraudulent $1.3 million art deal, a millennial, private-jet-hopping grifter is now heading to prison

Stories We Tell The most erudite man in Italy, Roberto Calasso lived for literature—and re-invented it

When Your Mother Is a Conspiracy Theorist Gen Z–ers struggle with how to save parents radicalized by social-media-fueled lies

Stone-Cold Liar Why did a respected British M.P. stage his own death? Two new biographies seek to offer an answer

Cardinal Sins Nepotism, prostitutes, Prada handbags … the Vatican insider who was once Pope Francis’s closest ally is now on trial in a $412 million fraud case

The $41 Million Instagram Scammer And other curious news about these strange days …

The View from Here Wuthering fights! Will this priceless book collection be preserved or broken up at auction?

A Bug’s Life In the fight to save the planet, the extraordinary lives of insects are going overlooked

The View from Here The Taliban can seize power in Afghanistan again, but this time they can’t turn off the lights

King Leer Why would disgraced monarch Juan Carlos of Spain spy on his ex-mistress? The drama continues …

Prophet of the Golden Bull How did a Bible-reading, Trump-supporting 65-year-old woman become Wall Street’s hottest stock picker?

COVID Social Cues Soirées, Ascot, and gossip about the new U.S. ambassador are back—but with a ping, not a bang

The Gray Ladies Watch out, Gen Z—a new crop of over-40 influencers is out to conquer the industry

Booby Trap Lulu Lakatos allegedly posed as a gem expert, swapping $5.8 million in diamonds for seven pebbles at a Mayfair jeweler

Sympathy for the Girlboss Once-celebrated female entrepreneurs are being torn down for “failing at feminism.” Is this progress?

The King Lear of Wine In death, one of Spain’s most famous vintners crushes the hopes of his three daughters

Roiling in the Deep The deep sea has so far managed to evade human intervention. Now mining companies are threatening Earth’s last frontier

The View from Here Putin’s absolute rule is challenged by a noisy majority of Russian, woke-hating anti-vaxxers

Out-of-Office Reply Private jets, free lunches, public pleas … can anything get people back in the office?