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The View from Here

As a writer on the first season of Saturday Night Live, I was hip. This month, I had one replaced

Prince William’s Eyebrow-Raising News Peg

And other strange news about these curious days …

Spring Breakers, Italian–Style

The young European upper class’s version of spring break in Florida? Panarea in August

Who Will Follow BoJo the Clown?

The fight to become the U.K.’s next P.M.—and the Queen’s 15th—is down to two very different candidates

It’s Time to BeReal

Everyone under 22 is on it. Most people over 22 have never heard of it. Is the app billing itself as the “anti-Instagram” really any different from the rest of social media?

Private Quarters

Brant Lake Camp was warned about pedophiles in their midst. Why did the camp not act against them?

A Truly Fresh Hell, Courtesy of Dorothy Parker

And other strange news about these curious days …

The Great White Toilet

Sewage dumped by American cruise ships is destroying Canada’s pristine waters

The Pink Panthers Strike Again!

Renowned across Europe for their coolness and high-risk robberies, the jewel thieves can’t be stopped

The Other Ivana

Guess whom I befriended in rehab in Malibu?

Jiminy Cricket!

How fake Indian Premier League games played by farm boys and local laborers duped Russian sports gamblers

The View from Here

Trump’s “I believed” defense is indefensible

Under the Influence

Jumi Bello was on track to be a major writer—until her debut novel was dropped amid rumors of plagiarism. What happened is a tale as complex as anything she appropriated

House and Gargoyle

With busts of Greek gods and gold-inlaid light switches, interior design for the modern autocrat is all about excess and intimidation

Michel David-Weill

For 25 years, the French-born investment banker directed Wall Street’s most prestigious firm with the touch of an enlightened monarch

Death on the North Atlantic

Nathan Carman allegedly killed his grandfather for cash. When that ran out, he took his mother out to sea. Only one of them came back

Don’t Sweat It

Naomi Watts, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Mariella Frostrup are among the entrepreneurs who are making menopause look rather … sexy

All the Write Moves

In the 19th century, a man living in present-day Liberia dreamed up the first script for his native language, changing how we think about the written word

Netflix and Bai Lan

In China, Instagram influencers and office over-achievers are out, and slackers are in

The View from Here

Is Trump crazy like a fox—or just plain crazy? The director of the documentary series Unprecedented thinks the latter

Ticktock, the Clock Is Dead

She’s a former Abercrombie & Fitch model with a Ph.D. from Harvard on a mission to stop women from aging

A Roman Bachelor Pad for Bill Gates?

And other strange news about these curious days …

The Lost City of Z, Discovered at Last

How modern technology uncovered the remains of a vast civilization hidden deep in the Amazon

The View from Here

A crisis of perception has led tourists to avoid Poland. Their loss …