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Crystal Clearing London private-equity bigwigs are enlisting crystal healers to tell their wives they want a divorce—and paying them hefty sums to do it

The Politics of Bad Behavior Melania, Ivanka, and the double standards of the single-minded

Psst! A Special Roundup of Scandal and Crime From The Orgasm Cult to Ghislaine Maxwell’s travails, we’ve got it all

A Tech Tycoon’s Prison Tweets Anti-virus-software guru John McAfee awaits extradition to the U.S.

The View from Here Trump, his enablers, and his Florida bolt-hole all have dark precedents

Battle of the Sexists Arguments over free speech dominate at Eton and Cambridge

Mayor Mike 2.0? Is Raymond McGuire—Wall Street player and political novice—the man to replace de Blasio? The big-bucks elite think so

Breathing Fire Millennials are taking the coronavirus particularly badly. Is their discontent rooted in something deeper than not being able to party?

Little Feat In this New York City miniaturist’s workshop, it’s the pictures that got small—the classic-movie props, that is

Forget 5G. 6G Will Blow Your Mind Because the 6 might as well stand for “sixth sense”

Did You Hear About … ? The new toy for billionaires, and more quirky news for these curious days

Pedaling Bad Behavior SoulCycle was always cultish. Now instructors are accused of having sex with clients, racism, and more

Mademoiselle’s Literary Glam Girl Edie Locke encouraged Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan while publishing Truman Capote and John Updike

Did You Hear
About … ?
Stanley Kubrick’s unfulfilled dream, and more quirky news for these curious days

Diana’s Last Days Divorced from Prince Charles and estranged from the royal family, the Princess of Wales finds romance and an adoring public

What Lies Beneath … A town house collapses in Chelsea as the underground lairs of some of London’s wealthiest residents may be cracking under the pressure

A Prince Is Born While Diana upstaged Charles and gave birth to William, her marriage faltered, and Camilla’s visits to Highgrove, Charles’s family home, became more frequent

November 17, 2020

Shot in the Dark I was a lab rat for the new coronavirus vaccine

Joe Biden’s Not-So-Secret Weapon American-born and raised in France by a stepfather who had survived the Holocaust, Tony Blinken will shape the next president’s global relations

The King’s Gambit Is Spain’s exiled monarch, Juan Carlos, running out of moves?