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The Lying Game The former French ambassador to the U.K. calls Boris Johnson a reckless leader with no concern for the truth. Sound familiar?

Big Bucks for Little Zuck Nick Clegg vowed to reduce wealth inequality. Now Britain’s former deputy prime minister is shilling for Facebook

Sylvia Horowitz From Brooklyn to jobs in fashion, to becoming a valued member of the United Nations family

Danny Ray For 46 years, he told ’em all to “get on up!” for the Godfather of Soul, James Brown

Your Schloss or Mine? Why is the patriarch of one of Germany’s most revered noble families living in the woods and suing his son?

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Self-love in the time of social distancing, and other news about these strange days

Class War At Dalton, one of New York’s toniest private schools, a bruising battle rages between the woke and the trads

The View from Here Putin’s allies weaponize wokeness to cancel the leader of the opposition, Alexei Navalny

Treasure Islet Mysterious thefts on the tiny island of Capraia, where everyone knows everyone, baffle the municipality’s three police officers

Undercover Boss Who pulls the strings at 10 Downing Street? Hint: it may not be Boris

The Great Outdoors Turn off your mindfulness apps and enjoy the serenity of the natural world, says Sir David Attenborough

Great Sakharov’s Ghost By seeking to destroy Alexei Navalny, Putin is repeating the mistakes his K.G.B. predecessors made with the dissident nuclear scientist

Euston, We Have a Problem Who said saving the world had to be drab? A new generation of posh protesters are fighting an overpriced train service between mouthfuls of artisanal cheese

Pet Peeves From Shepherd’s Bush to Barking Park, pandemic dogs are clogging the curbs

Double Duchess Could Fergie be the role model Meghan’s been searching for?

The View from Here The turbulent history of conspiracy groups, spanning anti-Semites of many ilks to the Branch Davidians, implies a grim future for their New Age brother, QAnon

Howard’s End Once the master of the castle used in the filming of Bridgerton and Brideshead Revisited, Simon Howard now faces vast troubles, including child-sex-offense charges

Playing Dirty What led actress Felicity Huffman to risk everything—including the sentence she recently finished serving—to try to cheat her daughter’s way into college?

Sweet Oblivion The hottest social network in Silicon Valley is anti-viral by design

Beau Monde American widower battles French tycoons over possession of the left-leaning French daily that was supposed to be owned by its journalists

Snake Eyes A bumbling billionaire blows a fortune trying to build the Vegas of Down Under

Did You Hear
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Plans to build a second Venice, and other curious news about these strange days

The View from Here In Washington, the sins of the son are the sins of the father