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Londongrad’s Laundromat Kensington mansions and Premier League football clubs—how did London become the money-washing capital of the world?

The View from Here For one distinguished Ukrainian couple currently under siege in Kharkiv, escape isn’t an option

A Day in the Metaverse Life No commuting, no garbage, no awkward run-ins … Welcome to the other side

Fairest of Them All It’s time to call a moratorium on coyness. Shout it, ladies … You’re hot!

Yale for Sale? Hungry for money, Yale University took millions from Russian kleptocrats, and its management school cut deals with a shady, Kremlin-tied institute

But First, for Your Consideration Forget billboards! In L.A., Oscar-mania has production studios advertising their films on everything, even the coffee-cup sleeves at a local hot spot

Natalie Portman Takes to the Pitch And other strange news about these curious days …

The Miami Beach Way Remembering the historic Deauville Hotel, a favorite of the Beatles, the Rat Pack, and J.F.K., now headed the way of other Miami greats: demolition

Fall of the Roman Empire Roman Abramovich, the Russian billionaire, is effectively on the run with few options remaining

A First Lady on the Front Line Alongside her husband, Volodymyr, Olena Zelenska is a key voice in Ukraine, as the couple rally international support and highlight the atrocities of the Russian invasion

Olicards! More trading cards of all your favorite oligarchs, so you can tell who’s who, whose boat is whose, and who has the most to lose!

The View from Here Veteran war photographers surge into Ukraine to capture the devastation in what could be their last hurrah

Holy Gotham! Two urban warriors on opposite sides of the criminal-justice debate join forces to create Vital City

Dial M for Murdaugh A fatal boat crash, at least 74 criminal charges, a series of suspicious deaths, and the embezzlement of millions have been linked to one prominent South Carolina family

A One-Man C.I.A. If there is a war-crimes trial for Putin, the intrepid work of this 43-year-old Internet sleuth will be key

The View from Here Want a foolproof way to oust Putin and end the war? Take the plot from a famous mystery writer

Who’s That Girl? After a short-lived romance, Kanye West immediately moved on from Julia Fox. We can’t say the same for our writer

Olicards—Collect ’Em All! Trading cards of all your favorite oligarchs, so you can tell who’s who, whose boat is whose, and who has the most to lose!

And You Thought Madonna’s English Accent Was Bad Who was the tweedy, mysterious “Englishman” who spoke like a Downton Abbey extra? And how did the ink give him away?

Russia’s New Abnormal Daily life in the capital has become a form of playacting. But for some, at least, the illusion is becoming impossible to sustain

The View from Here The world wants to punish Putin’s billionaire cronies, but he didn’t enrich them alone: U.S. policies and such members of the Harvard elite as Jeffrey Sachs and Larry Summers helped