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The View from Here The world wants to punish Putin’s billionaire cronies, but he didn’t enrich them alone: U.S. policies and such members of the Harvard elite as Jeffrey Sachs and Larry Summers helped

Are You Ready for Gandhiland? And other strange news about these curious days …

The View from Here Ukraine is attacked and Trumpists swoon over Vlad the Invader. With global and U.S. democracy in peril, the G.O.P. is M.I.A.

Break It Like Beckham If you want to learn how to run a fashion business that loses $62 million or to make a $100,000 fish-and-chips sandwich, you’ve come to the right place …

From Russia with Blood A reporter gets caught in the crossfire as Ukrainian soldiers battle Putin’s invaders

The Face (and Maybe the Brains) of Wall Street Peter Tuchman has spent 35 years on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange—but doesn’t own one share of stock

The Social Network A new book takes readers inside the dynamic social lives of animals, from army ants to orcas to chimpanzees

Always Be Suspicious of the “Cool Mom” A sex scandal involving teens and a mother engulfs upscale Greenwich, Connecticut

Sins of the Father What does Prince Andrew’s scandal mean for Britain’s hardest-working princesses, Beatrice and Eugenie?

Skating Away Bill de Blasio said he’d kick the Trump Org out of Wollman Rink. So why did Trump’s pals get the contract?

Allow Me to Intro Myself Craving some quality expert advice? A savvy new start-up promises better living through videoconference

Mel Gibson Wants Your Forgiveness And other strange news about these curious days …

The View from Here Will a billionaire yachtsman and former Republican become mayor of oh-so-woke Los Angeles?

#MeToo, Russian-Style Meet the Russian women’s-rights activist exposing predatory oligarchs—all while staying loyal to Vladimir Putin and the late Jeffrey Epstein

The View from Here A cheerleader’s call to President Biden: How about less pomp and more pom-poms?

Bezos in Love Is Lauren Sanchez a modern-day Marion Davies?

“Not a Complete Clown” The parties, Wallpapergate, the police investigation, the apology to the Queen—Boris Johnson tries to hold it all together

A Publisher and a Gentleman Jason Epstein, a co-founder of The New York Review of Books, always seemed to know everything—and be everywhere

War of the Rosewood How a Chinese status symbol became an environmental emergency

Keep Your Frenchies Close In the wake of Lady Gaga’s French-bulldog kidnapping and several other pup snatchings, L.A.’s Frenchie owners fear their dogs will be next

The Way We Wordle How to win at the Internet’s latest obsession—now a part of The New York Times

The Rules Still Apply In the 40 years since The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook encapsulated the British upper class, has anything really changed?