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A Summer-Camp Horror Story Why has a man accused of sexual harassment been rehired at a summer camp for the kids of elite New Yorkers?

Starry Might The millennial masses are gaga for Pattern, the uncannily accurate new astrology app

Swamp Country Jason Williams was elected district attorney of New Orleans to reform America’s murder capital. Then came the suspiciously timed audit …

The View from Here Want to be a writer? Find a (hotel) room of one’s own

The View from Here At America’s Bicentennial, in 1976, the fireworks included an unlikely romance between Liz Taylor and a future senator

Match Made in Hell, Part I At first, the lying, ghosting, and money-borrowing could be overlooked in the name of true love …

Speak, Memory The Manhattan district attorney has indicted Trump’s ever loyal C.F.O., Allen Weisselberg, in the hope that he will turn on the boss to save his own skin

TikTok for the Non–Gen Z Set If you’re over the age of 23, don’t despair: there’s a place for you on TikTok. Meet the “cleanfluencers” …

Emily Segal The 32-year-old trend forecaster who made history selling the first novel-as-NFT discusses memes, tech, and what the future has in store

Heaven on Earth Before Ann Russell Miller entered the convent, she was a swinging socialite in San Francisco

Origin Story How a self-published investigation into the possibility of a “lab leak” upended groupthink about the coronavirus

The View from Here A frontline doctor looks back on a plague year, and a film that recorded the horror of it all

The Adulterer in the Room In 2001, Eric Schmidt was brought to Google to be “the adult in the room.” He became a billionaire—but raised eyebrows with his very open marriage

The OMGs of GB News Start-up hiccups plague a new U.K. news start-up, causing no end of watchable mishaps

The Bling-less Ring With wedding season in full swing, lab-grown diamonds are hotter than ever. What’s behind the hype?

The View from Here Republicans are subverting democracy with legal not-niceties

Who Is the Wokest of Them All? The Queen gets canceled as Oxford University erupts in a tempest of culture wars

Hasselhoff über Alles! Can the Baywatch star save Germany? And more curious news about these strange days …

Welcome to Our 100th Issue And we wouldn’t be here without these stars, the greatest of the next generation

Can a Juggler Beat the Mafia? And other curious news about these strange days …

Fifty Shades of Washington Inside the underground kink scene dominating the U.S. capital, where politicians tie up locals in the name of B.D.S.M.

The Sun Sets on Bain de Soleil From Monaco to Montauk, the jet set is in a panic—the fabled sunscreen is nowhere to be found