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Money Talks

A peek inside Prince Albert’s finances paints a picture of a feeble monarch, browbeaten by the women in his life

The Attention-Whore Index

A special edition in which the men and women who dream of being the next Mike Pence battle one another for Donald Trump’s leash

Skeletons in the Closet

The culture wars have come for Skull and Bones, Yale’s most prestigious—and mysterious—secret society

Capitol Flight

Bernard-Henri Lévy lobbied Congress in person with his latest film about the plight of Ukraine, hoping to shake the indifference of the shining city upon the hill

The Attention-Whore Index

Donald Trump is paying out, Ron DeSantis is waving good-bye—can legendary aviator Prince Harry pass them by? Plus, the strangest news from across the world

Lost Command

Having made 90 films during his career, the French actor, director, and heartthrob Alain Delon is now confronting an unexpectedly tragic final act

The View from Here

Sara Netanyahu, the prime minister’s wife, closest adviser, and fiercest defender, is seen as a mix of Lady Macbeth and Eva Perón, but without the charm or the cult following

Sports Immolated

The Pulitzer Prize–winning writer pours one out for Sports Illustrated’s slow demise and recalls how the original idea for his best-selling book Friday Night Lights first appeared in its pages

Big Law Gets Bigger

Paul, Weiss once embraced a variety of civic-minded causes. Today, the law firm seems more focused on its own bottom line

Edward Jay Epstein

The investigative journalist made a career of questioning accepted narratives, from the Kennedy assassination to the Black Panthers to the diamond industry

The Attention-Whore Index

Richard Branson is deflecting, the late Queen Elizabeth is kvetching, but can they beat Donald Trump, whose lead in the polls is stretching? Plus, the strangest news from across the globe

Mean Boys

France can’t stop talking about its new prime minister, the young and dashing Gabriel Attal. And neither can his high-school bully

Morocco’s Next Big Thing

Tangier has long been a hub for proverbial black sheep—rock stars, artists, and hippies. But now the port city is drawing in a new crowd of ultra-sophisticated residents

“I Have a History of Getting in Trouble by Speaking My Mind”

Donald McNeil Jr. on the lessons of the pandemic—and his own sudden ouster from The New York Times

A Very British Scandal

It was one of the worst miscarriages of justice in British history—but it took a TV show to get the government to act

The Slacker Myth

Make way for Generation Z—they are bold, unapologetic, and unfazed by workplace hierarchies. Just don’t call them lazy

Dollar Diplomacy

Israel and the U.S. had a plan to cut off funding to Hamas, but they chose instead to buy peace by facilitating prosperity for the terrorist organization

The View from Here

Since 2020, the Ivy League has used its prominence—and free ESPN spots—to stand against various forms of discrimination. But on anti-Semitism, it has been conspicuously silent

Taking Offense

True-crime podcasts and television shows are booming, and everyone’s profiting—except the victims’ families. Now some are fighting back

The View from Here

Among the casualties of the Israel-Hamas war: harmony between Black and Jewish Americans

Busy Is as Busy Does

It used to be that doing nothing was the ultimate luxury. Now being productive—or looking it—is everything

Balancing the Court

Bryant Johnson, the go-to personal trainer for most of the Supreme Court’s liberal wing, looks back at his run at the nation’s most exclusive gym

Battle Royale

In a warped tale of lust and betrayal befitting a telenovela, Queen Letizia of Spain’s former flame alleges that they had an affair during her marriage to King Felipe

The Attention-Whore Index

Donald Trump is going big, or going to the Big House. Can anyone, even a ketamine-fueled Elon Musk, stop him from attracting all your attention? Plus, strange news from around the world