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Instagram’s Brave New World Influencers who are computer-generated and who, like their followers, never sleep

Was Diana Duped? Earl Spencer accuses the BBC of swindling his sister out of secrets in her infamous interview

The View from Here A concession speech for a presidential loser who won’t admit he’s, well, a loser

King of Queens Is newly elected New York State representative Zohran Kwame Mamdani the next A.O.C.?

When Charles Met Diana As Netflix unveils The Crown’s Diana years, a closer look at the princess-to-be who sobbed her way through her wedding rehearsal

“A Bit of a Clever Dick” Scottish actor-comedian John Sessions voiced Laurence Olivier, acted with Meryl Streep, and channeled Keith Richards

Xi Marks the Spot The coronavirus accelerated China’s rise, but the country’s future isn’t as certain as its president insists

Depp Goes Down Swinging Once Hollywood’s fêted heartthrob, Johnny Depp may never work again after this week’s High Court verdict in the U.K.

No One Spikes These Stories How Substack became home to big-name journalists who felt “the Youngs” in newsrooms were putting wokeness ahead of important ideas

The Biden Touch He wears his heart where every Scranton native does: on his sleeve. Thank God

The Secret Histories Collectors and voyeurs vie for other people’s diaries

I, Coronavirus Trump’s real running mate takes a stand

Cruel Brittania Why on earth does Boris Johnson want to tune out the BBC?

The King and They Blinged-out Maha Vajiralongkorn of Thailand is losing his God-like status as protesters march in the streets

Off the Rails The famed Ian Allan Book & Model Shop in London, a favorite of railway enthusiasts, is the U.K.’s latest coronavirus casualty

October 28, 2020

Vice Gets Squeezed Shane Smith convinced Rupert Murdoch and Disney that his company was, as the kids say, the sh!t. Until it wasn’t. How did Vice blow it—and trash billions in valuation?

Sussex Fatigue Meghan and Harry are making the British yearn for the Queen Mum

The View from Here Would you hire Donald Trump to work at your company?