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A Pinch of Blood After years of anticipation, former Theranos C.E.O. Elizabeth Holmes goes on trial for an alleged fraud of epic proportions

Murdaugh Mystery Why do people in and around a powerful Southern family keep dying?

How Soon We Forgot “Never Forget” Twenty years on from September 11, and days after slinking out of Kabul in the dead of night, where are we as a nation?

Inside Man Mansoor Adayfi, who was just 18 when he was sent to Guantánamo for a crime he didn’t commit, reveals the twisted inner workings of the Cuban prison

Hiro The photographer escaped the devastation of postwar Japan to create surreal images of indelible beauty

More Photos, Please! Paparazzi got a terrible rap in the Diana and Britney years. So why are stars still seeking them out?

The Club That Welcomes Crashers London’s Goldfish Club has been a tight brotherhood for years. Does Clint Eastwood want to join?

Blood in the Water Elizabeth Holmes’s high-tech blood-testing company, Theranos, made her a paper billionaire—until she and it were alleged to be frauds. Now the trial that has Silicon Valley sweating is about to begin

The Hamptons’ Secret Shame Why do some of the most expensive homes in the country surround one of its most polluted lakes?

J.F.K. and the Radcliffe Girl For the first time ever, one of the former president’s lovers tells her story

The Winklevoss Wrinkle After years of post-Facebook conniving, the Winklevosses were finally on the road to redemption. Then they met another set of troublemaking twins

The View from Here Al Gore says it’s not too late to prevent cataclysmic climate change, but is it too late for us to change?

No Skin in the Game Millennials and Gen Z–ers are all about empowerment and freeing the nipple. So why aren’t they embracing the nudism movement?

Ooh La La! Inside the bedroom of Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron …

Cruise Control So much for your nether regions. Gwyneth Paltrow now wants to fiddle with your vacation!

The Big C Indian businessman Lalit Modi allegedly name-dropped royals and public figures to con investors for his bogus cancer treatment

QAnon on the Volga A growing number of Russian “revivalists” believe that the dissolution of the Soviet Union is a hoax

What Makes TikTok Tick? It starts with 75 million videos vying for your attention …

Warding Off Evil CNN’s star correspondent takes us to the front lines of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

Kabul and Kaput What do the U.S. pullout from Afghanistan and the White Lotus finale have in common? Plenty

Black Robe, White Knuckles Justice Breyer’s refusal to retire is not just annoying—it’s a harsh reminder that we always put our own interests above society’s

Locks, Sex, and Two Smoking Barrels During shooting season in the U.K., the most coveted “birds” are bagged at night