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The Further Adventures of the Heir and the Spare

And other strange news about these curious days …

Perfecting Their Backhand

As the U.S. Open approaches, WOTs—the wives of tennis stars—are giving soccer’s WAGs a run for their money

J. K. Rowling’s Goblet of a Firestorm

Even when she’s defending Salman Rushdie’s rights, some in the literary world want to see her silenced. Or worse

The View from Here

With Trumpism more rabid and violent than ever, is it finally time to leave?

In Ukraine, the War Gets Very Personal

A new service promises to drop hand-inscribed missiles on Russian invaders

The Great Leveler

Every year, tens of thousands of ordinary South Africans compete in the ultra-marathon called “the Comrades.” Millions of their countryfolk tune in


At Hustler’s University, you can earn a Ph.D. for just $400 and walk away a bona-fide expert in “pimpin’ hoes”

The Slowdown

A growing number of parents with autistic children are turning to an unconventional—and, in some places, unlawful—remedy

BoJo Hustles for Work

And other curious news about these strange days …

Dirty Rotten Royals

Where did previously “penniless” Sarah Ferguson get $6.1 million to buy a bougie Mayfair town house?

Two More Prince Andrew Dramas

And other strange news about these curious days …

Poor Little Rich Boy

What do you do if you make only $40 million a year? If you’re the founder of a Greenwich, Connecticut, hedge fund, you allegedly steal from your partners and shortchange investors

The Many Mysteries of Murder Boy, Part II

His grandfather had an estate worth nearly $40 million. When his mother died, he stood to inherit millions. Did Nathan Carman kill them both?

A Great Escape

It was difficult enough to smuggle girls who had been abandoned by the U.S. out of Afghanistan. Harder still to do it twice

The View from There

Writing pro-war poetry for money is one way to survive in Putin’s Russia

The View from Here

Liz Cheney for attorney general?

Spinning Mushrooms into Gold

As psychedelics start to be taken seriously as a treatment for mental-health conditions, the worlds of loony mushroom-lovers and money-hungry investors collide

A Very WAG-ish Scandal?

And other strange news about these curious days …

What Lies Beneath

The revelation of a “mass grave” filled with Indigenous children convulsed Canada. But there were no mass graves—or revelations

Putin Turns on the Jews

The Kremlin is both increasingly anti-Semitic and intent on staunching the brain drain to Israel and the West

Under a Killing Sun

A tale of two cities, trying to survive life (and death) at 125 degrees Fahrenheit

The Many Mysteries of “Murder Boy”

His grandfather had an estate worth $40 million. When his mother died, he stood to inherit millions. Did Nathan Carman kill them both?

The Future Is Funny

Forget agents and grueling late-night-tour schedules, a new generation of comedians are reaching millions on TikTok

Bill Russell

As the winner of 11 N.B.A. titles and the first Black head coach in a U.S. major league, the basketball star broke barriers on the court and off