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Carrie Takes the Lion’s Share? Boris Johnson’s fiancée leaves politics to work at a zoo

#MeToo Comes for Philip Roth, In Death Women argue that the acclaimed novelist of sex and depravity deserves a “re-contextualizing”

Living Nightmare Will British women ever recover from the terrifying demise of Sarah Everard?

The View from Here Like Napoleon’s army, a great city advances on its belly

Out of the Shadows The 22-year-old woman who used Instagram to open the U.K.’s eyes to teen-on-teen sexual abuse

The View from Here The Atlanta killings took place 2,000 miles away, but they hit close to home

Canada Dry How is Meghan Markle’s old Toronto crowd reacting to that explosive Oprah interview?

Charles Hill Over 45 years, the art detective helped recover stolen paintings by Titian, Vermeer, and Goya, plus Munch’s The Scream

Big Fish, Little Pond Why Scottish politics suddenly looks like a trashy episode of daytime television

The View from Here Sussexes in Megxile: the spillover from Harry and Meghan’s spill to Oprah

The Spice Girls of Niger Meet the woman-led band rocking West Africa and beyond

Oui, Madame! At Valérie Hervo’s swingers’ club, the beau monde finds unadulterated pleasure. Masks, yes (at some point), but no clothes!

Reform School Fake heiress Anna Sorokin has been sprung from prison—and can’t stop talking

Princess Academy How a Welsh school dubbed “Hippie Hogwarts” became the popular choice for European royalty and Russian oligarchs

Zoom-Smart Online students have become masters of trickery, cheating, and fun at their teachers’ expense—all while adhering to the unspoken rules of high school

Mission Control Elon Musk is plotting to launch 42,000 satellites. Why?

Richard David Story A magazine editor who savored life and all its adventures, he was part of the AIR MAIL family

Meet the Markles Among other things, Oprah’s interview with Harry and Meghan reveals just how bad the Palace is at handling P.R.

March 8, 2021

The View from Here The era of big government is back, and that’s a good thing

Living with Steve Jobs’s Biographer Walter Isaacson has written about da Vinci and Einstein. His wife writes about his creative process. Salad, anyone?

Is Meghan More Bully than Bullied? A “very concerned” Palace and “humiliated” staff surely aren’t the pre-Oprah headlines Mr. and Mrs. Markle expected