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Seven Scandis in a Dinghy

A network of Nordic journalists expose Russian “ghost ships” plotting sabotage on the Baltic Sea—and make a podcast about it

The Attention-Whore Index

Kings face off! But can they beat the Queen of Pop for your attention? You decide! Plus: strange news from around the world!

Harry and Kate Go to a Coronation

One smiles and dazzles, and the other grimaces and bolts. Who’s the new star of the Firm?

Bruce McCall

With his deadpan surrealism, superior wit, and perfect timing, the satirical artist and writer left an indelible mark on everything he touched, from National Lampoon to The New Yorker and Vanity Fair

The View from Here

Out of Africa: How I escaped from war-torn Khartoum

The Judgment of David Solomon

The Goldman Sachs C.E.O.’s friendship with the controversial property developer Mike Meldman raises questions about his commitment to separating business from pleasure

The Eyes of a Killer: Part IV

The case against Bryan Kohberger depended on a series of improbable breakthroughs—and an unlikely cast of characters

In Bad Faith

For two decades, Walter Homolka was Germany’s most prominent and powerful rabbi. Then a sexting scandal opened questions about his profitable network of institutions, and his curious conversion to Judaism

The Last Time England Crowned a King

Henri Cartier-Bresson’s London-street photographs capture the spirit of another royal coronation—of George VI, in 1937

The View from Here

With Turkey heading to elections and President Erdoğan projected to lose, is this the end of the turmoil, or the start of more chaos?

We Need to Talk About Jeremy …

He has millions of followers and a soon-to-be released autobiography, but has the world’s most popular perfume influencer lost his mind?

The Attention-Whore Index

In a battle for the ages, Meghan Markle, George Santos, and Choupette go head-to-head for your attention. Plus: strange news from around the world

Stealth Wealth

“Understated luxury” is more than a fashion trend. After a string of violent robberies, the 1-percenters are leaving their status symbols at home

Corporate Collision

Land Rover, the 75-year-old British car company favored by the Queen—and, further down the food chain, one of AIR MAIL’s co-editors—is getting a rebrand. Now it sounds like a K-pop boy band

Catch a Falling Star

Marlène Schiappa was a powerhouse in the Macron establishment. But that was before she posed for Playboy and played fast and loose with government funds

Riding the Royal Coattails

Do you have questions about the coronation? Hugo Vickers has answers

Birth of an Abomination

Although Timothy McVeigh will forever be linked to Oklahoma City, his virulent outlook was forged in the desolate Flint Hills of Kansas

My Best Fiend’s Wedding

Wallis Simpson was prepared to do anything to become Queen of England—even if it meant backstabbing her best friend

The View from Here

Mugs, trays, tins, tea cozies—it’s a golden moment for collectors of coronation tat. And, yes, you need some

Barry Humphries

John Lahr remembers the vivacious comedian whose profound observations about life both shocked and delighted audiences for almost seven decades

Sexist Pigs Might Fly

For a brief moment in the mid–20th century, men-only flights—with complimentary cocktails and cigars—took to the skies

The Attention-Whore Index

Trump, Musk, Carlson—the names trip off the tongue like a list of medical complaints, but which one will get your vote? Plus, all the latest cat-killing and baby-frightening news from around the world

The Mane Event

Formerly the preserve of debs and toffs, Badminton Horse Trials has gotten a lot more egalitarian—but no less dangerous

Sloane Alone

Turns out there’s no etiquette guide on how to behave when your wife leaves you to become the Queen of England