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Boris the Improv P.M. The British prime minister appears to run the country like a comedian on open-mike night

A Woman’s Place Is in the Kremlin Estonia’s prime minister considers how different Europe would be if more women were in power

It’s Complicated Single middle-aged women of means have been known to rely on matchmakers. But with men in short supply, one high-end fixer-upper is turning to lowlifes

The View from Here Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the office—beware the rise of the “corporate Karen”

The Whistleblowing Wife Gaslit, starring Julia Roberts, tells the story of Martha Mitchell, the first and most improbable person to publicly accuse Nixon over Watergate

War Crimes Sixty years ago, a Russian poet inspired the creation of a Holocaust memorial at Babi Yar, in Ukraine. This year, a Russian missile strike nearly destroyed it

No Roman Holiday A 32,000-square-foot château on the French Riviera once lived in by Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson is another property that Abramovich can’t access

Dirck Halstead From Saigon’s fall to Reagan’s shooting to Monicagate, the photographer was at the center of history as it happened

Sex, Drugs, and Anish Kapoor Why did Inigo Philbrick orchestrate an $86 million Ponzi scheme? Well, it depends which day of the week you ask him …

Master’s of the House Studying the grandest estates in England used to be an extra-curricular activity. Now, at some universities, it’s the main event

The View from Here The parallels between Stalin’s “Winter War” on Finland and Putin’s current attack on Ukraine are striking—with one crucial difference

What on Earth Happened to Lara Logan? The former 60 Minutes foreign correspondent recently took a hard turn to the conspiratorial and anti-Semitic right. Is PTSD the cause, or is there something else?

The View from Here Louis C.K. wins a Grammy? New York magazine takes on B.L.M.? Has the backlash to wokeism begun?

The Andrew Formerly Known as Prince A convicted Libyan gun smuggler, a royal introduction to a pedophile, a $50 million lawsuit—it’s just another week for Andrew

I Identify, Therefore I Am When did it become so dangerous to have an opinion?

Roman Malady Italians love a touch of hypochondria. The problem is, it’s highly contagious

Jeff Koons on the Moon And other strange news about these curious days …

Running Out the Clock In Russia, not much has changed since the invasion of Ukraine. But as the war drags on, there’s a sense of fiddling while the world burns

A Starbucks for the Next-Gen Set The fast-growing, tech-bro-funded Blank Street aims to be a younger, cooler version of staid coffee chains. It may have misjudged its customers

Moscow on the Thames How was a member of the House of Lords allowed to moonlight as the multi-millionaire head of oligarch Oleg Deripaska’s energy company?

Churchill with an iPhone Ukrainian president Zelensky handles his end of the war the way he ran his TV business—as a show-runner