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How to Poison the Earth and Influence People

Oil companies give millions to cultural institutions. The reputational benefits? Priceless

I-95 Is Us

Everybody hates it. It may well kill you. But as summer travel ramps up along Interstate 95, it’s time we recognize the highway as our national Main Street

The Attention-Whore Index

Donald Trump is in a dilemma, Kathy Hochul is in a dither, and Steve Bannon is going inside. Plus, the strangest news from around the world

Hot Rodent Boyfriends

Gen Z is obsessed with men who look like mice. Tom Holland, Jeremy Allen White, Barry Keoghan, your time is now

The View from Here

The European Parliament, long a sinecure for nameless bureaucrats, has become a finishing school for Fascists

Behind Closed Doors

Claims of questionable business ethics and sexual improprieties at Carpenters Workshop, the art world’s most prestigious design gallery, reveal a company flying dangerously close to the sun

In the Land of the Green Laird

A topsy-turvy battle has broken out in Scotland between billionaire environmentalists, who want to cull thousands of deer, and deer-hunting locals, who’d like to see them thrive

Five O’Clock Follies

Lyndon Johnson and Robert McNamara knew the war in Vietnam could not be won—and waged it anyway

The Royal #WeToo

The Duchess of York—hardly a shrinking violet—has announced that she is not going to hide her true self anymore. God help us all

The Attention-Whore Index

Eric Adams is the king of rats, Madonna is the queen of shocks, and Donald Trump is the lord of lies

Bigmouth Strikes Again

After surviving just 10 days as Trump’s communications director, Anthony Scaramucci is now backing Biden, co-hosting a podcast, and taking wild swings at his former boss

When Your Teacher Is Qatar

As student protesters call for their universities to divest from Israel, Qatar is spending billions to influence those same schools

The Attention-Whore Index

Donald Trump is guilty as hell, Richard Dreyfuss loves a good yell, and you don’t want Martha-Ann Alito ringing your doorbell. Plus, the strangest news from around the world

The View from Here

Harvard’s sanctioning of two Rhodes Scholarship recipients is only the latest in a series of controversies plaguing the prestigious academic prize

Roanoke’s Requiem

A grassroots effort attempts to make sense of a heartbreaking cancer surge among Roanoke College’s young alumni

The Attention-Whore Index

Donald Trump is at a loss for words, Scarlett Johansson is losing her voice, and the Sussexes’ invitation got lost in the mail. Plus, the strangest news from around the world

Show Us the Waymo

Alphabet’s driverless cars arrive in Los Angeles. Can they make sitting in traffic kind of … fun?

The View from Here

France loves a student protest almost as much as a one-euro baguette. So why isn’t Paris burning?

The Making of the Alitos

The upside-down views and resentful personalities of the Supreme Court justice and his wife, Martha-Ann, exploded into public view 18 years ago

The Long War at Columbia University

In 2004, a short Internet documentary accusing particular professors of anti-Semitism provoked a local furor. Today, some see it as an unheeded warning

The Great Escape

With the ever increasing danger that Trump might win the election, many Americans are planning their exit strategies

The Attention-Whore Index

Harry and Meghan are delinquent, Kristi Noem can’t stop fibbing, and Donald Trump would probably like to eat your liver. Plus, the strangest news from around the world

The View from Here

Why Francis Ford Coppola should be cherished for being the last great dreamer in Hollywood

The Secret Daughter

A battle over the estate of Mario D’Urso—the Italian banker and senator who epitomized the 1970s jet set—gets complicated when a daughter he didn’t know he had enters the picture