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Michael Hainey

Michael Hainey is a Writer at Large for AIR MAIL and co-hosts AIR MAIL’s weekly podcast, Morning Meeting, alongside Deputy Editor Ashley Baker. His first job was for Spy magazine, and most recently he was the Deputy Editor of GQ. Hainey, who lives in New York, is the author of After Visiting Friends: A Son’s Story.

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From Jet-Set Playboy to Secret Papa

On this week’s podcast, the incredible story of Mario D’Urso and his American love child

Sex and the A.I. Girl

On this week’s podcast, Flora Gill reveals why so many people are having affairs with digital companions

Life and Death

Our First 100 Years


Inside the Crime That Scandalized New York’s Bluebloods

On this week’s podcast, Michael Gross takes a new look at the conviction of Brooke Astor’s son for stealing millions from her

To Catch (and Release?) a Killer

On this week’s podcast, Howard Blum reveals why the case against the alleged University of Idaho murderer looks shockingly thin

Beyond the Candelabra

On this week’s podcast, Spike Carter tells us about “the Zelig of Awful” and his ties to one of L.A.’s most infamous murders

Kim Kardashian Gets Sued over Her (Alleged) Fakes

On this week’s podcast, Dan Rubinstein reveals why the influencer finds herself the subject of a strange lawsuit



What Woody Allen Told Me

On this week’s podcast, Sam Wasson takes us inside his conversation with the writer-director

What the Hell Is Gwyneth Cooking Up Now?

On this week’s podcast, Jensen Davis taste-tests Goop Kitchen

Who’s Killing the Great Languages of Europe?

On this week’s podcast, Elena Clavarino reports on why—from Italy to Germany to France—English is now on everyone’s tongue

Princess Diana’s Brother Lived His Own Special Hell

On this week’s podcast, Pico Iyer discusses Charles Spencer’s new book, A Very Private School

Is a Porn Star All That Stands Between Trump and the End of Democracy?

On this week’s podcast, Jeffrey Toobin explains how Stormy Daniels might be America’s last best hope

You’ll Never Power-Lunch in This Town Again

On this week’s podcast, Dana Brown discusses what has happened to this Manhattan ritual

Why Do Today’s Leading Men Dress Like Rent Boys?

On this week’s podcast, George Hahn has a few choice words for the death of Hollywood style

The Story of the Swan Capote Spared

On this week’s podcast, Joseph Rodota reveals the limits of the writer’s duplicity

Have You Flown the Britney Spears of Airlines?

On this week’s podcast, Mark Ellwood takes us inside the hot mess formerly known as British Airways

The True Story Behind Feud: Capote vs. the Swans

On this week’s podcast, Sam Kashner reveals why the writer “built an atomic bomb” that destroyed his life

Under the Umbrian Sun

A 12th-century monastery finds new life as Vocabolo Moscatelli, an idyllic retreat for style-minded travelers

What Happens When a Nepo Baby Makes a Movie?

This week, Stuart Heritage looks at Lola, a film by David Beckham’s daughter-in-law

A Very, Very British Scandal

On this week’s podcast: inside the worst miscarriage of justice in the history of the U.K.

What Is Angelina Jolie Hiding?

On this week’s podcast, Dana Brown reveals how to sneak into her tightly guarded NoHo outpost

Julia Roberts and Baroness Bra

Patrick Kidd reveals how Michelle Mone used the actress’s cleavage to carry her from Dickensian poverty to the House of Lords and, now, scandal