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Michael Hainey

Michael Hainey is a Writer at Large for AIR MAIL and co-hosts AIR MAIL’s weekly podcast, Morning Meeting, alongside Deputy Editor Ashley Baker. His first job was for Spy magazine, and most recently he was the Deputy Editor of GQ. Hainey, who lives in New York, is the author of After Visiting Friends: A Son’s Story.

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Have You Flown the Britney Spears of Airlines?

On this week’s podcast, Mark Ellwood takes us inside the hot mess formerly known as British Airways

The True Story Behind Feud: Capote vs. the Swans

On this week’s podcast, Sam Kashner reveals why the writer “built an atomic bomb” that destroyed his life

Under the Umbrian Sun

A 12th-century monastery finds new life as Vocabolo Moscatelli, an idyllic retreat for style-minded travelers

What Happens When a Nepo Baby Makes a Movie?

This week, Stuart Heritage looks at Lola, a film by David Beckham’s daughter-in-law

A Very, Very British Scandal

On this week’s podcast: inside the worst miscarriage of justice in the history of the U.K.

What Is Angelina Jolie Hiding?

On this week’s podcast, Dana Brown reveals how to sneak into her tightly guarded NoHo outpost

Julia Roberts and Baroness Bra

Patrick Kidd reveals how Michelle Mone used the actress’s cleavage to carry her from Dickensian poverty to the House of Lords and, now, scandal

Could You Be an Attention Whore?

On this week’s podcast, the keeper of our Attention-Whore Index reveals the worst of this year’s worst

Why Was the “Indiana Jones of Lost Movies” Accused of Manslaughter?

On this week’s podcast, John von Sothen reports from Paris on a trial fit to be a film

Tales of a Trump Ghostwriter from the 90s

On this week’s podcast, Charles Leerhsen has tales from the crypt

The King of New York

Ignacio Mattos has silently ruled over the city’s dining scene for a decade. Now the chef is opening up about his upbringing, his love life, and his burning passion for good food

Life Lessons from an Italian Countess

On this week’s podcast, Bob Colacello shares what he learned from Marina Cicogna

If These Walls Could Talk …

On this week’s podcast, Christopher Mason explains why a confidante to New York’s elite hid her true identity

Inside the Night Jackie Kennedy Stared Down Onassis’s Mistress

On this week’s podcast, John Mauceri discusses an evening—and two divas—he’ll never forget

Are You in Barbra Streisand’s Memoir?

On this week’s podcast, George Kalogerakis reveals how we created the Streisand Index

My Name Is Barbra’s Index

Streisand refused to give readers any shortcuts to her 992-page memoir, so we did it for you

Graydon Carter Talks About the London He Loves

On this week’s podcast, AIR MAIL’s Co-Editor takes us inside the London Issue

Aram the Cobbler


Why Millennials and Gen Z–ers Are Fighting

On this week’s podcast, Kat Rosenfield discusses why the TikTok generation sees things very differently

How to Live to 100 (Or Not!)

On this week’s podcast, Cazzie David reveals whether Secrets of the Blue Zones is really all it promises

Why Sam Bankman-Fried Is Screwed

On this week’s podcast, Jacob Silverman reveals how the feds are crushing the bitcoin hustler

The Lost Treasures of Savile Row

At Crowley Vintage, in Brooklyn, Ralph Lauren designers and Gen Z–ers alike appeal to the past and are rewarded with the togs of their WASP fantasies

The Inside Story on the Craziest Grifter Story Ever

Listen to the editor of “The Grift, the Prince, and the Twist” as he reveals how he uncovered the con

Will a Victim’s Father Take Down the Idaho Killer?

On this week’s podcast, Howard Blum reveals how the father of one of the victims is pursuing his own investigation—and uncovering new facts