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Michael Hainey

Michael Hainey is a Writer at Large for AIR MAIL and co-hosts AIR MAIL’s weekly podcast, Morning Meeting, alongside Deputy Editor Ashley Baker. His first job was for Spy magazine, and most recently he was the Deputy Editor of GQ. Hainey, who lives in New York, is the author of After Visiting Friends: A Son’s Story.

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Tom Wolfe’s Secret Weapon

On this week’s podcast, Peter Stevenson reveals how the writer’s wife secretly reported on New York’s social elite

Jimmy Buffett’s Life Lessons

On this week’s podcast, Tom Freston remembers his friend and the adventures they had together

Bar Gelateria del Molo


The Oligarch, a Broken Heart, and a London Bank Scandal

On this week’s podcast, Joseph Bullmore takes us inside his report on Putin’s banker and a London socialite

The Man Who Captured Sinatra

On this week’s podcast, Gay Talese reveals the story behind “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold,” his masterpiece of magazine writing

Hot Messes in East Hampton!

On this week’s podcast, Linda Wells reveals how big egos are bringing big drama to gyms out East

How a Man Called “the Cheese” Almost Subverted the 2020 Election

On this week’s podcast, Jeffrey Toobin on Trump’s Harvard-educated lawyer who concocted the plan to overturn Biden’s victory

Winds of Change

Comporta, Portugal, sits on the last undeveloped stretch of Atlantic Ocean coastline in Southern Europe. Will developers and tourists ruin it?

Did Jeffrey Epstein Blackmail a Wall Street Titan?

On this week’s podcast, Johanna Berkman shares shocking details behind Leon Black’s deep financial ties to the convicted sex offender

Inside the Strategy to Free the Idaho-Murders Suspect

On this week’s episode, Howard Blum reveals the audacious plan to win an acquittal

The Inside Story on the Prince Who Got Away with Murder

On this week’s podcast, the director of a new documentary reveals how she caught a killer

The Odd Couple

Simon Callow Discusses Julian Sands

On this week’s podcast, the actor recalls his late friend. Plus: inside a successful Hollywood love story; and … U.F.O.’s!


Hunter S. Thompson, Jackie Collins, and Satan—All in One Show!

This week’s podcast takes on Hollywood wives, an exorcist, and gonzo freaks

Inside the Murder That Shocked Swinging London

On this week’s podcast, John Glatt reveals why a drugged-out American playboy killed a young woman

A Crime That Haunts New York—and Ignited Trump’s Political Ambitions

On this week’s podcast: Jeffrey Toobin discusses the Central Park jogger attack, a crime that defines a dangerous era in New York City

Truth or Derrière?

On this week’s podcast, Linda Wells explains how we find ourselves living in the Era of the Butt

Everyone’s Mad as Hell and No One’s Taking It Anymore

On this week’s podcast, Bruce Handy tells us how the 2020s have become the Raging 20s

Prima Facie


Should You Move to Athens? (All the Cool Kids Are)

On this week’s podcast: Greece’s new hot spot, an Oscars mess, and the man who may take down Putin

Prima Facie

Quantum Criminals


What Went Down Inside Our Cannes Party

On this week’s podcast, the skinny on the big bash, Michael Keaton’s dad-tastic IG, and … N.Y.C. rats!