Wall Street has always found ways to promote its investment gurus, which all too often have been loudmouthed alpha bros. In the past year, however, the hottest alleged wise man has been a wise woman: Cathie Wood, a 65-year-old devout Christian and once divorced, once widowed mother of three who reads the Bible each morning, backed Trump, and heads up her own “disruption”-focused investment firm, Ark Investment Management. Less than seven years after she started it, the firm now has more than $53 billion under management.

Wood’s perpetual optimism, alongside her trademark jet-black hair and big funky glasses that cover half her face, has made her not only the world’s most telegenic evangelist for technology stocks but also a powerful cult leader, with devotees wearing shirts that feature her face above slogans such as In Cathie We Trust and The Queen of the Bull Market. They can’t get enough of her. After she reiterated in May that Bitcoin would hit $500,000, one Wood enthusiast on Wall Street Bets, a Reddit bulletin board—where she is referred to as “Cathie Bae”—thanked her: “Cathie Bae, giving me my daily shot of hopium.”