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” … and then Iceberg goes, ‘You know, a lot of people really like just a lettuce-and-tomato sandwich!’ I literally spit out my drink!”
“Then she made me dance and posted it on TikTok.”
“He’s been to the city exactly once.”
“I’m a dentist in the streets and a dentist in the sheets. Don’t ever ask me to be something I’m not, Debby.”
“Rumble … rumble … the strange noise was getting louder … ”
“He says it’s ‘a Dorian Gray situation.’”
“We need to find another school for Jessie. One of her classes is called ‘So-Called Science.’”
“He’s fitting in nicely.”
“This one’s on me … ”
“The ruling on the field that the receiver’s knee was down has been sent to the Ohio Third District Court of Appeals. Play will resume in six to eight weeks.”